Sharon Osbourne reveals how husband Ozzy violently made marriage counselling session lasted ONLY 30 minutes


Sharon Osbourne and her husband Ozzy once tried marriage counselling to smoothen some darks and curves of husband but it lasted only 30 minutes.

Did Sharon Osbourne Save Ozzy’s Life?

Over the years, Sharon had to live with some hardships from Ozzy … talk about his battle with drugs and infidelity scandals again and again. So she thought counselor/counseling could solve it.

But no! She was being naive for thinking she could ‘change’ Ozzy, according to her statement.

Did Ozzy Threw a Bottle at The Wall?

Recalling one of the counselling sessions on their podcast The Osbournes, Sharon said: ‘One session. He lasted half an hour and threw a water bottle at the wall and walked out.

‘No matter how much bad behaviour or who’s wrong or right in a certain situation, I love him. He’s the only man other than my dad that I’ve ever loved. I just adore him. And I knew what he was before I married him.’

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She added: ‘We can’t go for a wee without each other.

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne Updates

During her recent appearance on Celebrity Big Brother, Sharon said she and Ozzy will be returning to live in the UK again soon.

While Ozzyy said he hopes the couple have at least another 10 years together, Sharon is hoping for 20 more years together.

Ozzy said: ‘We’ve done a deal, we have. Whoever leaves this place first is going to wait for the other on the other side.’ Sharon agreed, saying: ‘That’s for sure. You’re not going without me.’

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