Stephen Fry REVEALS secret to six-stone weight loss BUT he started getting sick and sicker until he stopped


Stephen Fry, 65, reveals he used weight-loss drug Ozempic to shed 5 and half stones.

While he talks about the pleasant changes he experienced, he also talked about its adverse effects that almost ruined him – he got to a point he started vomiting ‘four or five times a day’.

Stephen Fry Weight Loss

He explained: ‘The first week or so, I was thinking, “This is astonishing. Not only do I not want to eat, I don’t want any alcohol of any kind. This is going to be brilliant … he said to himself.

‘Then I started feeling sick, and I started getting sicker and sicker and sicker. I was throwing up four, five times a day and I thought, “I can’t do this”. So that’s it. The new variant, Tirzepatide Mounjaro, makes it even worse apparently.’

Fry says he was at his heaviest in April 2019 when his weight came to nearly 21st. 

But by August of that year, he had lost five and a half stone after taking the drug.


Sharon Osbourne Talks Ozempic

Sharon Osbourne has also voiced both the benefits and its grim after-effects of using the drug. She was telling ITV’s Loose Women the drug met her satisfaction at first, but she later regretted continuing to take the drug after her weight dropped below seven stone (45kg).

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‘I’m too gaunt’ and ‘Be careful what you wish for’, she admonished.

Ozempic is used to improve glycemic control for type 2 diabetics, and the NHS advises only a weight management specialist should prescribe it

Common side effects of the drug are said to include nausea, diarrhoea, abdominal pain and vomiting, while some users have reported thyroid tumours after having an adverse reaction to the jab.

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