Tesla Cybertruck ended up with its front wheel ripped right OFF after a valet driver crashed it, Elon Musk weighs in


A Tesla Cybertruck ended up with its front wheel ripped right off after a valet driver at the Beverly Hills Hotel reportedly crashed it and Elon Musk himself has something to say.

Word on the street is, a valet at the hotel somehow lost control of the vehicle while bringing it around to the owner — and did this.

You can also see that the wheel is pretty torn up which is somewhat ironic, to be honest.

The all-new futuristic monster truck is lodged into the raised cement curb just under the hotel’s iconic green sign, and the damage looks pretty intense.

There is a Request For Replacement

From the sounds of it, it looks like the truck is past the point of salvaging ’cause a friend of the vehicle’s owner asked Tesla owner Elon Musk on X for a replacement.

The billionaire has yet to respond … but he did acknowledge another X post referencing the crash, giving a little speculative insight into the reason behind the crash.

How The Crash Happened?

We’re told the Cybertruck just happened to run into the signage right off the road and it’s unclear what exactly caused that.

In any case, they tell us their staff wasn’t involved. It also looks like the guy who originally claimed it was the valet is copping to that not being true too.

A rep for the Dorchester Collection — the company that owns The Beverly Hills Hotel, among others says none of its valets had anything to do with this crash, despite speculation.

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