The Houthis Of Yemen Pledge A “Significant” Amplification Of Their Assaults On International Shipping And Assert Possession Of New Hypersonic Missiles


The Houthis of Yemen assert possession of a new hypersonic missile in their weaponry, as per reports from Russia’s state media, potentially escalating their assaults on shipping in the Red Sea and surrounding areas amidst Israel’s conflict with Gaza.
The report from the state-operated RIA Novosti news agency, citing an unnamed official, lacks substantiation for the claim. This development coincides with Moscow’s assertive anti-Western foreign policy amid its conflict with Ukraine.

While the Houthis have hinted at forthcoming “surprises” in their maritime battles to counter the United States and its allies, who have successfully intercepted any missile or drone approaching their warships in the Middle East waters, Abdul Malik al Houthi, the Houthis’ enigmatic leader, announced plans to target ships bound for the Cape of Good Hope in Africa’s southern region.

Previously, the Houthis predominantly targeted ships heading towards the Suez Canal in the Red Sea, but an escalation would now aim at vessels taking the longer alternate route, although the method of carrying out such an assault remains unclear.

Simultaneously, reports emerged of indirect talks between Iran and the US in Oman, marking the first diplomatic engagement in months amid enduring tensions over Tehran’s nuclear program and its proxy attacks. Iran, the primary supporter of the Houthis, purportedly equipped the group with hypersonic missiles, claiming successful tests demonstrating speeds of up to Mach 8, running on solid fuel.

A military source close to the Houthis, as cited in the RIA report, indicated intentions to commence production of these missiles for deployment in attacks across the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aden, and targeting Israeli interests.

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