Wipeout! 15 Failed Daredevil Stunts That Crashed and Burned (Literally)

From Rocket Fiascos to Bull Blunders, These Daring Deeds Ended in Epic Fails (But Thankfully, Mostly Just Bruises)


Of course, defying death doesn’t always go according to plan.  This list dives into 15 failed daredevil stunts, the spectacular fails that left audiences gasping and emergency crews scrambling.  Remember, folks, try this at home… not really, please don’t. 

The human spirit craves a thrill.  Some folks find it bungee jumping, others white-water rafting.  But then there are the daredevils, a special breed who laugh in the face of danger and physics, attempting stunts that make the rest of us clench our cheeks and mutter nervous prayers. 

Larry Walters’ Lawn Chair Balloon Flight

Wipeout! 15 Failed Daredevil Stunts That Crashed and Burned (Literally)

Larry, a truck driver with a thirst for adventure, decided to become the world’s first “cluster balloonist.”  His chosen vessel? Forty-two weather balloons duct-taped to a lawn chair.  What could go wrong?  Well, quite a lot, as it turns out. 

Larry soared to a surprising 16,000 feet, tangled with power lines (shocking!), and eventually landed in a field, what could have happened ? (except for maybe some singed eyebrows). 

Larry’s stunt earned him a Darwin Award (a dubious honor for those who remove themselves from the gene pool in spectacular fashion) and a lifetime supply of antacids, we imagine.

Robert Knievel’s Snake River Canyon Jump  

Wipeout! 15 Failed Daredevil Stunts That Crashed and Burned (Literally)

Evel Knievel, a household name synonymous with daredeviltry, attempted to jump the Snake River Canyon in a rocket-powered motorcycle.  The result?  A spectacular fiery crash that left Knievel with a broken pelvis and a bruised ego. 

While the jump wasn’t quite the Grand Canyon-sized leap Knievel had promised, it did solidify his place in daredevil history, proving that sometimes, failing big can be just as memorable as succeeding.

The Stratospheric Skydiver Debacle

Wipeout! 15 Failed Daredevil Stunts That Crashed and Burned (Literally)

Felix Baumgartner, an Austrian skydiver with nerves of steel, attempted to become the first person to break the sound barrier in freefall.  He jumped from a balloon hovering 128,000 feet above Earth, reaching a speed of 833 mph – a new record! 

Unfortunately, his visor malfunctioned, fogging up and leaving him momentarily blind during the descent.  Thankfully, Baumgartner regained his vision and landed safely (phew!).

The Parisian Roof Jumper

Wipeout! 15 Failed Daredevil Stunts That Crashed and Burned (Literally)

Remember parkour, that free-running craze from the early 2000s?  This unnamed Parisian daredevil took it a bit too far, attempting to jump from one building rooftop to another across a narrow alleyway.  He misjudged the distance, plummeting several stories and sustaining serious injuries.  

The High-Wire Caper Gone Wrong

Wipeout! 15 Failed Daredevil Stunts That Crashed and Burned (Literally)

Two daredevils, Tanya Ruiz and David Blaine’s security guard (seriously, David Blaine?), attempted to walk a tightrope strung 45 stories above the streets of Las Vegas. 

Ruiz, unfortunately, lost her footing and plunged towards the ground.  Thankfully, a safety net (thank goodness for safety nets!) broke her fall, leaving her with minor injuries. 

The BASE Jumping Squirrel Suit Mishap

Wipeout! 15 Failed Daredevil Stunts That Crashed and Burned (Literally)

Remember those ridiculous-looking squirrel suits that promised controlled gliding?  Yeah, not quite as advertised.  A daredevil in China attempted to BASE jump (parachuting from a fixed object) wearing one of these suits, hoping for a graceful descent. 

Instead, the suit malfunctioned, sending him spiraling out of control.  He managed to deploy his parachute just in time, but the experience served as a cautionary tale about the dangers of untested technology. 

The Royal Rumble Gone Royal Wrong

Wipeout! 15 Failed Daredevil Stunts That Crashed and Burned (Literally)

Professional wrestling is full of choreographed chaos, but sometimes, things go off script (literally).  During a Royal Rumble match, wrestler Luke Harper attempted a spectacular aerial maneuver, leaping from the top turnbuckle onto a group of opponents below. 

Unfortunately, he miscalculated the distance and landed headfirst on the announcer’s table, shattering it and leaving him momentarily stunned.  While it wasn’t a life-threatening mishap, it provided a hilarious (and slightly concerning) visual for wrestling fans everywhere.

The Wall of Death Motorcycle Mishap

Wipeout! 15 Failed Daredevil Stunts That Crashed and Burned (Literally)

The Wall of Death is a motorbike stunt involving riding around a vertical cylinder.  Sounds inherently risky, right?  Well, you’d be right.  A daredevil attempted the feat at a county fair, but his

motorcycle lost traction and he tumbled down the wall, landing with a painful thud.  Thankfully, he was slightly injured but escaped serious injury. 

The Bull Escape Gone Bust

Wipeout! 15 Failed Daredevil Stunts That Crashed and Burned (Literally)

Spain loves its running of the bulls festival, but some folks just have to push the boundaries.  A daredevil decided to outrun the bulls, not by sprinting, but by attempting to vault over them. 

As you might predict, this didn’t go well.  A bull caught up with him, sending him flying through the air and leaving him with broken bones(damn).  

The Homemade Rocket Fiasco

Wipeout! 15 Failed Daredevil Stunts That Crashed and Burned (Literally)

Remember the saying “reach for the stars”?  This guy took it a bit too literally.  He constructed a homemade rocket using scavenged materials (uh oh) and attempted to launch himself into the air.  The result? 

A spectacular (and thankfully non-explosive) failure.  The rocket sputtered to life, barely lifted off the ground, and then promptly fizzled out, leaving the aspiring astronaut covered in soot and his dreams grounded (literally).

The Evel Knievel Wannabe Wipeout

Wipeout! 15 Failed Daredevil Stunts That Crashed and Burned (Literally)

Evel Knievel may be a legend, but that doesn’t mean everyone can emulate his daring motorcycle stunts.  A daredevil at a local fair attempted to jump a row of parked cars on a motorcycle.  His jump fell woefully short, sending him crashing into the last car and injuring himself.  

The Wingsuit Cliff Diving Calamity

Wipeout! 15 Failed Daredevil Stunts That Crashed and Burned (Literally)

Wingsuit flying allows daredevils to soar through the air like human birds.  It’s exhilarating, but also incredibly dangerous.  A wingsuit flyer miscalculated his approach to a cliff face during a

jump, clipping the rock with his wing and sending him spiraling out of control.  Thankfully, he managed to deploy his parachute in time.

The Daredevil Chef’s Knife Mishap

Wipeout! 15 Failed Daredevil Stunts That Crashed and Burned (Literally)

Daredevilry isn’t limited to motorcycles and rockets.  Sometimes, it involves questionable cooking techniques.  A chef attempted a food demonstration involving catching a falling knife in mid-air.  Predictably, this did not go as planned. 

The knife went rogue, landing squarely in his hand and requiring a trip to the emergency room.  This was a hilarious (and slightly horrifying) reminder to leave knife juggling to the professionals.  

The Parkour Mishap on Public Transportation

Wipeout! 15 Failed Daredevil Stunts That Crashed and Burned (Literally)

Parkour, the art of moving freely through an urban environment, can be visually stunning.  However, attempting it on public transportation is a recipe for disaster.  A parkour enthusiast attempted a daring jump on a train platform, misjudged the distance, and fell onto the tracks. 

Thankfully, he wasn’t hit by a train, but it serves as a stark reminder that public transportation platforms are not personal playgrounds.  Leave the parkour to the designated parkour parks, folks. 

The Bungee Jump Cord Snap

Wipeout! 15 Failed Daredevil Stunts That Crashed and Burned (Literally)

Bungee jumping is a popular tourist activity, and for good reason.  It’s a safe and thrilling way to experience the feeling of freefall.  However, even the safest activities can have malfunctions. 

A bungee jumper took the plunge, only to have the cord snap mid-air. Thankfully, emergency safety measures kicked in, and a secondary cord prevented a tragic outcome.  

Learning from the Fails

Daredevil stunts, while entertaining (from a safe distance), are a constant reminder of the delicate balance between courage and recklessness.  These mishaps serve as cautionary tales, highlighting the importance of planning, training, and respecting the power of physics. 

However, these stories also celebrate the human spirit, our insatiable desire to push boundaries and test our limits.  Daredevils, for all their craziness, inspire us to dream big and chase the thrill. 

The key, of course, is to do it safely and responsibly (and maybe leave the homemade rockets to the professionals). 

So, the next time you witness a daredevil stunt, remember, it’s a spectacle to be enjoyed from afar.  And who knows, maybe it will even inspire you to chase your own (slightly less life-threatening) adventure. Haha 

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