A Suspected Female Drunk Driver, Aged 66, Crashes Into A Children’s Birthday Party At A Michigan Boat Club, Resulting In The Deaths Of At Least Two Children And Injuries To 15 Others

A Suspected Female Drunk Driver, Aged 66, Crashes Into A Children's Birthday Party At A Michigan Boat Club, Resulting In The Deaths Of At Least Two Children And Injuries To 15 Others

For the first time, the names and images of two young siblings tragically killed in a suspected drunk-driving incident at a boat club during a birthday celebration have been released.

Lana, aged eight, and Zayn, aged five, lost their lives in the collision at the Swan Creek Boat Club in Berlin Township, Monroe County, Michigan, just north of Toledo, Ohio.

Meanwhile, their older brother Jayden and mother Mariah remain hospitalized in critical condition, fighting for their lives. The devastating crash, which occurred on Saturday, also left 15 others injured.

In response, the children’s aunt, Diane, has initiated a fundraiser to assist the family with funeral expenses for Lana and Zayn.

Their mum Mariah and 12-year-old brother are still fighting for their lives in hospital

“My sister and her family have lost their two babies to a drunk driver in Monroe, MI. Mom Mariah and oldest brother Jayden are still in critical condition at this time. Monies raised will help give Lana age 8 and Zayn age 5 a proper funeral and burial service.

“Left over monies will help the family with housing and medical expenses. Thank you for your support during this time. Service date and location to be announced.”

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that among the 15 individuals injured in the collision, at least eight were children.

The driver, identified as a 66-year-old woman, was reportedly taken into custody for suspicion of intoxication, according to Berlin Township Clerk Denise Sovey Meyer. She added that the woman was allegedly under the influence at the time of the crash.

The tragic incident occurred around 3 pm EDT on Saturday, with the victims transported to various local hospitals for treatment, as disclosed by the Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Troy Goodnough stated during a later press conference that when the woman’s vehicle collided with the structure, she traveled approximately 25 feet (7.6 meters) into the building due to excessive speed, crashing through the wall. He further revealed that nine of the injured individuals, including three children, were in critical condition and airlifted to hospitals, while the remaining six were driven by car.

A distressing security camera footage from the vicinity depicts a dark-colored SUV speeding towards the facility before crashing into the wall, sending a cloud of dust and debris outward from the building.

As of now, over 860 individuals have contributed to the fundraising effort. The total amount raised exceeds $52,000 (£42,000), surpassing half of the organizer’s $100,000 (£80,900) target.

The Swan Creek Boat Club, where the tragic accident happened, said: “Yesterday during this tragic event the lives of two young children Lana and Zayn were lost. Our deepest sympathy goes out to this family and everyone else that was involved. That family has asked us to post their go fund me to help with the funeral arrangements for the two children. Please help if you can.”

Local funeral home Rupp Family Home sent their condolences to the family and offered their services “free of charge”, according to one of their posts on social media.

Mariah’s cousin Chris Daugherty posted on Facebook: “This is my cousin and her children. Her and her 12-year-old are still fighting in separate hospitals. Any help is appreciated, if you’re not in a spot to donate all prayers are welcome.”

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