Body Language Expert: ‘Meghan Markle Displayed Intensely Affectionate Behavior With Nacho Figueras’ Family, Resembling A Small Child Seeking Cuddles’

Body Language Expert: ‘Meghan Markle Displayed Intensely Affectionate Behavior With Nacho Figueras' Family, Resembling A Small Child Seeking Cuddles’

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, has been described as exhibiting childlike behavior during a recent Netflix shoot.

Alongside her husband Prince Harry, the former Suits actress was observed attending a photoshoot with Nacho Figueras’ family for Harry’s upcoming Netflix series on polo.

The former working royals reunited with Argentinian actor Nacho Figueras, his wife Delfina, and their eight-year-old daughter Alba, with whom Harry and Meghan share a close bond.

Nacho, also known as Ignacio Figueras Bermejo, is an Argentine polo player who shares Harry’s passion for the sport.

Before their Netflix filming commenced, the families shared an embrace, during which Meghan’s relaxed body language evoked the image of “a small child wanting to be picked up,” as noted by body language expert Judi James.

Speaking to The Mirror, Judi explained Meghan’s behaviour: “With Nacho’s wife Delfina we can see extreme signals of tactile friendship. When Meghan approaches her to either greet or say her farewells she holds both arms out rigidly and full-length, like a small child asking to be picked up and cuddled.”

She added: “When the two women walk together their arms are round each other and their heads lean in to touch in a gesture of mutual trust and closeness, while their smiles signal pleasure in each other’s company.”

Meghan’s actions have sparked comments as she appeared to take on a directorial role at a recent appearance in Miami for a fundraising polo match, directing a woman to move away from Prince Harry.

Video footage from the event circulating on social media shows Meghan asking a woman in a white dress to relocate to the center of the group, away from her husband, so that she could stand next to him.

In the clip, Harry maintains his arm around Meghan while she converses with the lady, apparently suggesting that she stand beside him for the photo opportunity.

In an exclusive to the Mirror, Judi James explained: “Meghan will know all about framing a good shot for the cameras and so it might not be surprising if she had possibly felt compelled to do so here.”

She continued: “She and Harry are producing a Netflix show and her role as director might easily have led her to move this woman about like an extra on a film set. Or perhaps she was just being friendly and wanting to make the woman feel more comfortable next to her where she would be under Meghan’s wing.”

She also added: “Like any good director/star Meghan just seems to want to get on with the shot, beaming at Harry and posing beautifully and happily for the camera.”

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