Chroming: Warning to parents as daughter COLLAPSED from inhaling 6 aerosol cans – after boy, 11, died


A terrified mother has issued an urgent warning to other parents about the ‘chroming‘ challenge after her daughter collapsed after trying the dangerous social media trend – inhaling toxic solvents/fumes.

Her daughter and a friend inhaled ‘five or six’ aerosol cans in attempt to try out the trend known as ‘chroming’. 

What Is The Chroming Challenge?

The word ‘chroming’ is an informal word that originates from Australia. It involves inhaling fumes from a toxic source such as an aerosol can, a spray deodorant or a paint container.

When the inhalants are abused, they affect the central nervous system and slow down brain activity, which results in a short-term ‘high.’

Mikayla Solomon, from Rochester, Kent, is feeling lucky and grateful her daughter survived the challenge – and urged other parents to remain aware of this ‘dangerous’ trend. 

She said: ‘I just feel so grateful it wasn’t worse. She could’ve easily gone into cardiac arrest. I could’ve easily lost my daughter that day.

‘After it happened, I saw a little boy had died from it and a girl had been in ICU, it’s terrifying.

Tommie-lee Gracie Billington, 11, from UK died in hospital last month after reportedly taking part in the ‘chroming’ social media challenge during a sleepover.


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Warning to Other Parents

Mikayla continued: ‘I am concerned about long-term damage. I’ve read things like it can cause cognitive impairment and memory loss. It’s worrying.

‘She’s 12 so she shouldn’t really be on [social media] but all their friends are so they’re going to see these trends but [the platforms] need to crack down on it. Social media influences our children so much. Parents need to know the dangers.

‘It’s a really dangerous trend. If you think your child has done this, get them checked – it can cause long-term damage.’

Dangers ‘Chroming’ Pose

The dangerous trend can result in slurred speech, dizziness, hallucinations, nausea and disorientation but can also cause a heart attack or suffocation.

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