Father ‘beat up’ his gay best friend FOR telling friends that they were enjoying an extra-marital affair


A 29-year-old heterosexual father angrily beat up his gay best friend after discovering the victim had been telling friends he was having an ex-marital fling with him.

What Happened?

Court heard how Pub chef Thomas Roche punched married teacher Neil Carr three times in the face during a violent face-to face confrontation after being told Mr Carr, who is almost twice Roche’s age, had developed ‘feelings’ for him.

Police who arrived at Mr Carr’s apartment last July found Roche stood outside drunk, slurring his words and flailing his arms around.  He carried on drinking – even when told by officers to stop – before knocking over and smashing a bottle of wine.

Why He Punched Carr

Police interrogated Roche about the assault and said he did what he had to do so his sexuality will not be ‘tarnished’ around their small tight village in Hale.

Thomas Roche

He Didn’t Plan to Beat Him

The father of one also revealed he didn’t plan to punch Mr Carr at first as he’d only gone to tell him to ‘pack it in’ and stop gossiping about him before the twist happened.

When asked why he thought Mr Carr would accuse him of assault, he said: ‘I think that he is quite jealous, I do not know what of.

Neil Carr (right) with husband Valentino on their wedding day

‘I assume that he wanted me to be with him. It’s not me. I like women. He’s just a friend.’

Mr Carr, who is in his 50s, suffered red marks to his cheek area following the attack.

He later insisted he had been having a ‘casual relationship’ with Roche for three years.

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Court Ruling

At Warrington Magistrates Court, Roche was convicted of assault after a trial. The court heard the two men had met in a nightclub eight years ago and developed a close friendship when they began mixing in the same circle of friends.

However, Roche will be sentenced in May.

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