Hamas leader shrugged it OFF when told his three sons and grand children have been killed by IDF


Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh has left the whole world amazed after hearing the death news of his three sons and ‘several’ grandchildren.

A voice delivered the news to the 61-year-old political leader during a visit to injured Palestinians, saying: ‘Hazem, Mohammed and Amir have been killed, along with their children.’

Haniyeh Gave a Cold Reaction

Haniyeh then did what people are not expecting – he didn’t break and remains composed as he nods and takes it in before slowly walking out of the room. ‘God rest their souls,’ he says, before he is asked by an aide: ‘Shall we end the visit?’

‘Let’s Continue’

The Hamas chief nonchalantly responds: ‘No, why? Let’s continue,’ as he walks to the door, followed by his entourage and officials.

The news met him when he was meeting wounded Palestinians at a hospital in Qatar, where Haniyeh lives in exile.

Haniyeh, who has 13 sons and daughters according to Hamas sources, later said his three sons and four of his grandchildren were killed in a fatal strike near the Shati refugee camp in Gaza City.

What Haniyeh Said About Their Deaths

Haniyeh, nevertheless, has reacted officially to the deaths of his children and grandchildren: ‘I am grateful to God for the honor he has given me in the deaths of three of my children and a few of my grandchildren.’ 

He told Al Jazeera: ‘My sons were awarded this honor. They remained with our Palestinian people in Gaza, did not leave and did not run,’ he said, adding: ‘The blood of my sons is not dearer than the blood of our people.’

The terror leader took time out to take a swipe at Israel, stating they are ‘driven by the spirit of revenge’ as he claimed around 60 members of his family have been killed since the start of the war. 

Hamas later said that four of Haniyeh’s grandchildren, named as Mona, Amal, Khaled and Razan, were among those killed in what they described as the ‘treacherous and cowardly’ strike.

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News From Israel About the Strike

A report today has suggested that Israeli forces carried out the air strike without consulting senior commanders or political leaders, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The IDF claimed that the three Haniyeh brothers were ‘en route to carry out terror activity in the area of central Gaza’ when they were hit by the strike.

According to a report by Israeli broadcaster Kan, the IDF alleged that one of Haniyeh’s sons was involved in holding hostages, though it did not offer further information or specify which.

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