Hunter who kissed dying wolf after running it over before torturing the animal to death is branded EVIL


Cody Roberts, 42, who is a hunter ran over a wolf with a snowmobile on February 29.

A Case of Animal Cruelty?

He then paraded the injured wolf through the Green River Bar as patrons swilled beer before shooting it to death.

He later posed for a photo with the animal, and video filmed by witnesses showed him kissing the barely conscious wolf and laughing at its pain.

A witness also explained how Roberts dragged the wolf into the bar over protests from the owner, and left it there for hours while he drank before he took the animal outside to torture it before shooting it dead behind the pub … it was not illegal to kill it though.

The owner and many of the other patrons in the bar were allegedly not happy he brought the wolf around, but no one challenged Roberts and the bar staff didn’t tell him to leave, per the witness.

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Roberts was only fined for keeping the live wolf, and avoided charged with animal cruelty – which carries a much harder punishment.

Now, animals rights campaigners has reacted with fury, calling the hunter ‘evil’ and were even more upset when it was confirmed Roberts would only face a small fine.

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