“I’ve Relocated To North Wales To Evade My Ex-Girlfriend, Who Has Been Stalking Me. She Attempted To Extort Money From Me By Fabricating A Pregnancy Scan”


A man, Jake Green, aged 31, shares his harrowing experience of being relentlessly stalked by his ex-girlfriend, Jenny Keats-Rawling, after ending their relationship.

The ordeal became so unbearable that Mr. Green had to relocate to Wales to escape her grasp. Keats-Rawling’s deceitful actions resulted in Mr. Green being falsely accused of planning a mass shooting.

After their breakup, Keats-Rawling initiated a campaign of terror, falsely alerting the police that Mr. Green was experiencing auditory hallucinations and harboring violent intentions.

Although law enforcement quickly realized it was a false alarm, Keats-Rawling persisted in her harassment, bombarding Mr. Green with over 100 silent phone calls within a few days. She slandered him as a thief and turned his family against him.

In her relentless pursuit of revenge, Keats-Rawling also targeted Mr. Green’s new girlfriend, threatened to visit his eight-year-old son’s school, and fabricated a fake pregnancy scan to further manipulate him emotionally.

At one point, she even impersonated a police officer and refused to vacate his mother’s residence until her eventual arrest in April of the previous year.

Mr Green said: ‘It was a nightmare. I thought she was going to kill me – it was terrifying. She made me out to be a murderer, a liar and a thief. It was such a mad time – things just went boom.

‘I was just so exhausted with it all, there were lods of phone calls from her at one or two in the morning. I just wanted her to stop and for it be over. This has been devastating.’

Keats-Rawling, residing in Cheadle, Greater Manchester, confessed to the charge of stalking causing serious distress or alarm during the period from April 14 to October 6 of the previous year when she appeared before Stockport Magistrates Court two months ago. The unemployed 30-year-old, diagnosed with autism, was spared a custodial sentence and instead received an 18-month community order.

As part of the sentence, she is required to attend 25 days of rehabilitation and pay a fine of £162, along with £199 in costs and victim surcharge. Additionally, she was issued an 18-month restraining order, prohibiting her from contacting Mr. Green, his new partner, and two other family members.

Although sentencing guidelines allowed for a maximum jail term of 18 months, the judge opted not to impose a custodial sentence.

Mr. Green was compelled to relocate to Rhyl, North Wales, to escape his former partner’s harassment, resulting in the loss of two jobs and his vehicle due to her actions.

The couple initially met during a night out at a Manchester club in October 2022 and subsequently developed a romantic relationship.

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