King Charles’ Residence Is Set To Undergo Significant Alterations By The Summer

King Charles' Residence Is Set To Undergo Significant Alterations By The Summer

King Charles and Queen Camilla’s rural retreat, Sandringham Estate, is poised for a significant transformation before summer arrives.

In a recent social media announcement, the estate’s Instagram account revealed that the Lower Maze Garden is officially undergoing development.

Revealing a glimpse of the project in a new video, the caption explained: “Set to adjoin the Topiary Garden which was added to the West Lawn last year, work is now underway to complete the Lower Maze Garden. Adding another formal aspect and horticultural dimension for visitors to enjoy, this Garden is due for completion in Summer 2024. Thank you to @schooloftraditionalarts @landformuk for their input and assistance with planning and designing.” 

Situated on an extensive 8,000-hectare estate in Norfolk, the monarch’s residence boasts a working farm, expansive gardens, royal parkland, rental properties, and Sandringham House.

Sandringham Estate is located in Norfolk

It is also the preferred location for the Royal Family’s Christmas celebrations, with Prince William, Princess Kate, Prince Edward, Duchess Sophie, Princess Anne, and others joining King Charles and Queen Camilla at the Church of St Mary Magdalene on December 25.

Former royal butler Grant Harrold recalled: “I very quickly became aware that Sandringham was one of the late Queen’s favourite homes and actually, the King loves Sandringham as well.”

Revealing what it’s really like inside, Grant noted: “It’s quite a strange house. It’s almost going back in time when you walk around it. And the fact the family live there, you almost, it feels a bit like a museum.”

Reflecting on one particular visit to the royal property, the butler suggested that Sandringham might even be “haunted.” 

“I found it one of the most haunted homes, if you can imagine. I don’t know that I ever saw anything but used to get quite spooked quite easily,” he said. 

“But the weirdest thing that ever happened. I remember one night waking up in my room and without a word of a lie I could see the silhouette of a man at the end of my bed and he was just staring directly at me and I froze.

“I absolutely froze and I wanted to scream and I couldn’t because the king’s bed was underneath me. There wasn’t a panic but there was nothing I could do. And I just thought, ‘Don’t move and it will disappear.’ It didn’t disappear. It walked over to the corner, but the weirdest part of this story is it then opened the door of my room and closed the door – talk about manners.” 

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