Man, 67, covers whole body in ‘unified bodysuit TATTOO’ because he doesn’t ‘want to regret’


Washington DC man who covered his body from head-to-toe in a ‘unified bodysuit tattoo’ says he did it because he doesn’t ‘want to die with regrets’.   

His Love For Tattoo

67-year-old Drew Powell, became interested in tattooed warriors from the South Pacific when he was younger but it took it to a a whole new level in his 60s as he boasts of a unified bodysuit tattoo that covers most areas of his body, as well as 23mm septum and nipple piercings.

His Revelation

‘I have a Marquesan-inspired blackwork bodysuit tattoo that covers virtually every part of my body, with the exception of my hands, neck, head and face’, Drew said.

‘Starting [tattoos] later in life did have some advantages,’ he admitted, adding, ‘I was fully funded, I had the time, I knew exactly what I wanted and being a clean canvas I ended up with a unified bodysuit tattoo’.

Tattoo as Self Expression

Due to responsibilities and the stigma surrounding tattoos and body modifications in Drew’s younger years, he was put off beginning his journey of self expression.

‘Eventually the world caught up to my way of thinking so I decided that it was now or never,’ he said.

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How He Wants to Die

‘I did not want to die with regrets’.

Drew revealed he has a 23mm stretched septum that he pierced at age 13, but did stretch up until 2020.

‘I also have 8mm pierced nipples and other assorted piercings,’ he concluded.

Drew has spent over $62,000 on ink and extreme body modifications.

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