Netizens Show Support To Onlyfans Model Who Expressed Frustration Over A Houston Airbnb Townhome Where Owners “Frequently Monitor The Cameras” To Ensure Compliance With Their Extensive List Of Rules

Netizens Show Support To Onlyfans Model Who Expressed Frustration Over A Houston Airbnb Townhome Where Owners

The online community has shown support for a glamorous fitness model who criticized Airbnb hosts for their frequent camera monitoring and extensive list of house rules.

Brianna Garcia, an OnlyFans model with over 113,000 TikTok followers, shared her experience in a Houston townhome on Wednesday.

Garcia, clad in a deep zip-up hoodie, mentioned that while the rental rate was satisfactory, she faced around 20 inquiries from the hosts when she inquired about the property.

Among the rules, she highlighted restrictions on music playing times, guest limits, and emphasized the hosts’ frequent camera surveillance inside the house.

Garcia also expressed concerns about the home’s safety, noting issues with the garage door and uninterrupted power supply upon her arrival.

“Count your crazy days Airbnb…count your days,” Garcia said.

Brianna Garcia, a fitness model with more than 113,000 followers on TikTok, took to her page on Wednesday and documented her experience in a Houston townhome

“There’s a reason why things aren’t going well for you and people are going back to hotels.”

As the video begins, Garcia is seen inside the house as she begins to explain her many dilemmas.

“So I rent out this townhome here in Houston, and the townhome is beautiful, but when I told you, when I inquired on Airbnb to rent this out for a week, they answered me with about 20 different questions,” she says.

‘When I told you they sent me their full list of house rules – when I can play music, how many people I can have here, to ask permission, and to top it all off they said ‘we check the cameras very often’ .’

Garcia then explains how she read through the owner’s terms and conditions before indicating her agreement.

‘And then they said to me, ‘Are you sure? You read so fast,’” Garcia says. Like yeah, I can read that really fast, I’m not in third grade.”

“Anyway, I’m booking. I need a place to stay,” she adds. And I come here, the first night the garage door where I park my car is broken. It doesn’t close completely.”

Garcia then says that when she informed the owners about the garage door problem, they “weren’t urgent.”

“They just said, ‘OK, we’ll always pick someone up,’” she says. Completely nonchalant after they sent me a whole list of safety protocol.”

Garcia — who has more than 370,000 followers on Instagram and has an OnlyFans account — then delved into another issue with the townhome, saying to top it all off, the power in the house is going out.

‘It’s Wednesday, the middle of the workday, and the power is out. The power’s out,” she repeats as she walks over to a light switch and shows how the kitchen lights won’t turn on. Look, nothing,” she says, flicking the switch back and forth before raising her middle finger and the video ends.

The video, which has garnered over 150,000 views, has attracted a mix of sympathizers and dissenters in the comments section. Some expressed solidarity with her, criticizing the actions of Airbnb hosts.

“That’s typical of Airbnb. Greedy owners imposing excessive rules, plus tenants worrying about others’ possessions,” remarked one individual. Another countered, “No, they were overreacting. I’m a host, and as long as guests treat the property respectfully, there’s no issue.” A different commenter shared their negative experiences with Airbnb, stating, “This is why I gave up on Airbnb. I’ve encountered three to four horror stories.”

Conversely, some commentators showed little empathy towards Garcia and attempted to rationalize the power outage. “Are you blaming the homeowner because the power went out? That’s extreme,” wrote one. Another pointed out, “The power outage affected half of Houston due to last night’s storm.”

While certain comments addressed Garcia’s rental challenges, many diverted attention to her appearance and relationship status, admitting to not fully paying attention to her remarks. “All I heard was ‘single’,” quipped one viewer.

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