North Carolina man murder and BURIED roommate in shallow backyard grave


A 34-year-old North Carolina man in a case of first-degree murder allegedly killed his roommate, then buried him in a shallow grave in a backyard.

Details of the Murder

Elvin Noel Baca was arrested on Wednesday, after his 69-year-old roommate, Lawrence Grabka, was reported missing by his friend Roush and later found dead after police ‘unearthed the tragic reality of a homicide,’ police said in a Facebook post.

The friend who made the distress call told police before Grabka’s body was found that he hadn’t picked up his phone and his door was unlocked.

Roush previously lived with Grabka as his roommate before Baca moved in.

‘I warned him. Get rid of this guy, and he was so nice that he didn’t want to kick him out on the street,’ Roush said.

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She continued: ‘That’s why I told Larry for a long time, He’s not right Larry and you don’t know what he’s capable of, so please, let’s get somebody else to rent the room.’

The Night Larry Was Killed

She also revealed that she saw Baca on ‘the night he probably did it.’

‘Larry wasn’t answering his phone,’ she recalled. ‘So, I stopped in and Larry wasn’t home. [Baca] was sitting in his car. He said he hadn’t seen him and he smiled at me and told me he loved me. Yeah, I can’t get that image out of my head.’

On Thursday, ENB appeared in court and it was decided he would be held without bond.

He’s next due in court on April 18.

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