Parents FURY as teacher grabs three-year-old girl and flings her around ‘like a ragdoll’ as punishment


A teacher allegedly picks up and violently shakes a girl in daycare, newly released footage reveals.

What Happened?

Lilly Royal, 3, was viciously picked up and swung back and forth by an unidentified teacher on April 19.

After the video went viral, the daycare center fired the teacher.

The parents of the girl were notified about the incident after it was reported by another teacher to the Henderson Police Department on the same day.

Furious Parents React

Her mom, Zomerdyk later said: ‘Obviously seeing my child get snatched up like a little ragdoll is obviously something you don’t want to see. It’s definitely going to make you upset.’

Also, the girl’s dad Royal added: ‘They had the opportunity to be honest, upfront. Be accountable for everything that happened that day and prior, so they let that opportunity go.’

The school has also denied all claims of child abuse and when asked why the incident happened, said: ‘We’re all human’.

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