Russian soldiers CATCH ‘Ukrainian spy’ on motorbike near airbase, try to rip off his ear


Vladimir Putin‘s men laid their hands on a suspected 40-year-old Ukrainian spy on a motorbike near a key airbase.

Four masked military thugs held Ruslan Khammatov at gunpoint and marched him for interrogation with a bag over his head.

Not knowing the man is a staunch supporter/believer of Putin, they went on to torture (the wrong man), using pliers in an attempt to tear off his ear.

They Want a Confession From Him

He was falsely accused of cutting a hole in the fence at the Dyagilevo military airfield and was beaten, causing a fractured eye socket and ribs, as well as a broken nose, as they sought to force a confession.

He said of his miseries: ‘They hit me on the forehead with a [gun] butt, pulled my ear with pliers, and broke my ribs,’ he revealed to Russian news outlet Sota.

He Was Threatened to be Raped

‘They threatened to rape me, to shove a stun gun up my anus, to cut off my testicle.

‘They found out that I was divorced – and said this meant I was gay.’

He is seen wearing blue in video footage of the troops leading him away

He said: ‘The first blow with a tactical glove hit me in the face, my nose was broken, I was bleeding, I covered my face and pressed myself to the floor, and then they kicked me.

He Was Given 2 Options

‘And they kept pulling me out, talking to me, asking me questions, torturing me, then this senior officer said: ‘You have two ways’.

‘The short way – you now say everything as it is, you confess to us and we let you go, we do not torture you.

‘And the second one, they start threatening you that we will cripple you, cut off your testicle’.

‘They called it torture – “a stun gun in your anus, there will be blood, sweat, well, in short, complete intimidation”.’

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How He Got Saved

Kneeling in a pool of his own blood, he was forced to unlock his smartphone. They found a Ukrainian channel on his phone – but it was staunchly pro-Russian.

The other contents of his mobile were pro-war, and showed that he was a backer of dictator Vladimir Putin.

How They Buried the Incident

At this point, realising their error, they called the Russian traffic police – but failed to mention the cruel acts meted-out on him.

They instructed Khammatov lie to them that he had fallen off his motorbike.

The police went along with the cover-up and fined the man for riding the motorbike without license plates – which he had just bought, and was testing when he was detained by the military torturers.

He was then put in an ambulance and sent to a hospital, which documented his wounds.

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