Schoolgirl tortured grandmother to death then DUMPED her body in a canal


Sarah Davey was 14 when she and a friend beat frail Lily Lilley, 71, in her terraced home.

Davey who is one of Britain’s most notorious young killers befriended lonely Lily at her home in Failsworth, Greater Manchester.

How the Murder Happened

The grandma was invited in for a cup of tea, then they taunted her, squirted her with shampoo and cut her legs with a knife.

Her body was then dumped in a wheelie bin before they pushed it through the streets and overturned it into a canal.

She Was Tortured Before Her Death

They had choked her with a gag tied so tightly that her false teeth were driven down her throat. A framed photo of her son as a baby was thrown into the bin. The pair then took over her house, making hundreds of calls from her phone and used her pension money to buy crisps and chocolate.

Davey – now in her late 30s – was locked up indefinitely in 1999 for what the judge described as an ‘unspeakably wicked’ murder.

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She is Back on the Street

Now she was released from jail on March 23 after a decision by the Parole Board, DailyMail reports.

Davey repeatedly breached her conditions for the original murder. She was first released in March 2013 but kept getting recalled – and has been freed on licence seven times before. 

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