WAR IS COMING: Iran plans revenge attack on Israel in the next TWO DAYS in public threats


Iran is heavily considering a retaliatory-strike on Israel in the next two days after two Iranian generals were killed in a strike in Syria

The country has publicly threatened to hit back at Israel over the attack last week in Damascus that Tehran said was an Israeli airstrike on a diplomatic building. 

Why Did Israel Attack Iranian Embassy?

Israel was widely blamed for an April 1 attack that destroyed Iran’s consulate building in Damascus and killed seven Revolutionary Guards, including the two generals, who were discussing the war.

An insider has revealed that plans to hit Israel back are in motion, only that decision is yet to be made.

‘The strike plans are in front of the Supreme Leader and he is still weighing the political risk,’ the source said per the Wall Street Journal.

Tug of War

Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, threatened Wednesday that Israel ‘must be punished and will be punished’.

Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz swiftly replied on social media site X that ‘if Iran attacks from its territory, Israel will respond and attack Iran’.

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Europe is Watching

The threats from both sides have awakened Europe to monitor the situations.

United States President Joe Biden Wednesday has since pledged ‘ironclad’ support for its top regional ally despite diplomatic tensions over Israel’s military conduct in Gaza.

He has also warned of the risk of an attack by Iran or its allied groups at a time when Middle East tensions have soared.

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