‘What Happened?’ Jodi Gordon sparks concern from fans OVER her weight loss in Easter photos


Fans are hoping ‘all is well’ with Jodi Gordon after she shared some Easter snaps on her page which showed her looking very slender.

On Sunday, the actress, 39, shared engaging images of herself ‘looking for Easter eggs’ as she gets all dolled up in an ethereal white ensemble.

Reactions From Fans

Many followers were nevertheless more interested in the Neighbours star’s weight loss than her pricey boho outfit, which sees similar sets selling for $600 to $800.

One fan wrote, ‘What happened? So thin.’

‘Something wrong? Hope you’re alright,’ another added, while one more commented ‘You’ve lost weight gurl.’

Others Defend Her Body

While some fans are concerned about her new look, some fans care less and told others to ‘hush’ it and to stop ‘bullying’ her.

‘Since when did it become ok to comment on another persons body or weight?’ one furious user said.

‘Since when did it become ok to comment on another persons body or weight?’ one furious user said.

‘And why is it seemingly more acceptable to comment on someone being “too thin” opposed to being “too big” when in reality both are as rude and offensive as the other!’ they added.

‘You don’t know her, you don’t know her story, her life, her health or her struggles. Why comment purely with the intention to hurt? 

‘No wonder bullying is so prevalent in our schools, bullies raise bullies!’

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