Who IS Vinnie Jones new girlfriend he calls ‘Blondie’? He lost his wife to skin cancer 5 years ago


Vinnie Jones, 59, who lost his wife Tanya, 53, to skin cancer five years ago has found love with his PA, even though he fears that he would never be happy again.

The football hardman turned actor has now said he is in a ‘fantastic’ relationship with new partner Emma Ford, who he affectionately calls ‘Blondie’ and is a former TV reporter, DJ and event manager who like him has also given up alcohol.

Vinni with Tanya

How Emma Ford Helped Vinni

The star revealed how his new found love helped and ‘calmed’ him down after years of hard drinking and depression that left him ‘rotting inside’.

Even though he said ‘he will never get over the death of his wife in 2019, he has since said that his new partner and happiness shows that a ‘flower can grow and and bloom’ from the darkest of times… in no little thanks to Emma Ford.

About Emma Ford

Emma worked as a PA to Mick Jones from The Clash who also worked as a showbiz reporter on Hollywood red carpets, had returned to the UK after years spent working and partying hard in Los Angeles

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How They Met

The new couple met during pandemic and in Vinnie’s farm in West Sussex.

Ms Ford, loved by viewers of Vinnie Jones in the Country as his patient and charming PA with a neat blonde pixie hair cut, has also quit drinking. 

He said in conclusion about the new phase of his life: ‘Moving forwards, we meet other people that we are fond of and we fall in love with and vice versa. Maybe she (Emma) has calmed me down a little bit. Maybe she brings a different perspective to it all for me.’

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