World War III? Iran began its 300-missile attack on Israel as ‘GIRL was hit by a shrapnel’


Iran has begun its 300 missile attack against Israel Saturday night, in the first time a direct military assault has been launched by Tehran on Israel despite decades enmity dating back to the country’s 1979 Islamic Revolution. 

Now people fear World War III is looming after they see the brutal footage Iranian state TV released.

The footage shows huge clouds of smoke and blinding flashes as hundreds of missiles were fired in retaliation to a drone strike at the beginning of April in Syria that killed 12 Iranians, including two top generals.

Why Did Iran Launch an Attack on Israel?

Israel on Sunday boasted how it ‘foiled’ Iran’s unprecedented attack on its country and revealed 120 ballistic missiles along with 200 drones were used.

UK Prime Minster Rishi Sunak confirmed RAF pilots shot down ‘a number’ of Iranian drones while intercepting the strike on Israel.

He has since called for ‘calm heads to prevail’ as the ‘attacks-and-defences’ rumble on.

Warplanes based in Iraq and Syria had been deployed to intercept airborne strikes after Tehran announced it had launched an assault yesterday.

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Amid fears of further escalation in the event of a possible Israeli counter-strike, Rishi Sunak and other G7 leaders will meet to reach a common ground.

Did Israel Get Attacked by Iran?

A seven-year-old girl was injured in the unprecedented Iranian missile strike against Israel after being struck in the head by shrapnel in her home at 2am.

She is fighting for her life in hospital after she lost consciousness and was unresponsive.

How Many Missiles of Iran Hit Israel?

The Israel Defences Force (IDF) said Iran launched 170 drones, more than 30 cruise missiles and at least 120 ballistic missiles in an attack.

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