World’s Biggest Cheeks’ Shares Insights Into Questions Fans Frequently Pose To Her, Reveals Her Ideal Boyfriend

World's Biggest Cheeks' Shares Insights Into Questions Fans Frequently Pose To Her, Reveals Her Ideal Boyfriend

World’s largest cheekbones, Anastasia Pokreshchuk, 36, from  Ukraine, and a social media personality famed for her extreme surgeries, shares what kind of boyfriend she wants.

With no intention of halting her cosmetic procedures anytime soon, a woman who proudly declares she hasn’t resorted to finding a sugar daddy for financial support reveals she receives numerous messages from men captivated by her appearance.

Despite often being openly stared at in public, an experience her friends find unsettling, she asserts that she enjoyed a wonderful childhood filled with memories of playing with a vast array of Barbie dolls, dispelling any misconceptions.

The 36-year-old, accustomed to living through air raids, expresses a desire to provide a loving home to children orphaned by the devastating war that has ravaged her country. A psychology graduate and avid reader of magical realism, she exemplifies the multifaceted nature of women.

Anastasia insists that her extensively altered face, the result of years of investment, hasn’t hindered her romantic life but rather enhanced it.

Currently single, the influencer, who has a staggering 375,000 Instagram followers said: ‘I’m more career oriented, but if I had a relationship, I wouldn’t spend money on him. He must provide, because why else do I need a man, I can get d**** everyday easily!’

Prior to gaining traction in her online endeavors, Anastasia faced financial hardship and encountered difficulties securing employment, leading her to work at a perfume shop.

“I had very little money. I had two options: find a sugar daddy or get a job,” she recalled.

“so I opted to work at a perfume shop and later began blogging about relationships. I didn’t want the sugar daddy route – I find the idea so uncomfortable. I didn’t want to be a leach, I wanted my own job, my career is important to me. I get lots of weird messages from creepy old men offering me money which I block immediately”.

She continued: “I want to look in the mirror and think wow I’m so beautiful. My boobs were like a boys’ thanks to nature, but now I have 1050cc implants inside them; they’re perfect.” 

Anastasia also went under the knife for a BBL, a Brazilian Butt Lift to enhance her behind, amongst several other surgeries. It’s the deadliest cosmetic surgery procedure around, yet she wasn’t fazed.

‘I wasn’t scared. Yes it’s the most dangerous surgery but it’s also the most popular one. Beauty is pain! You can die crossing the street!’

How People React to Seeing Her in Public 

In reality, I receive negative comments online frequently, yet no one seems brave enough to express such sentiments in person. In real-life encounters, people often express a desire to embrace me and take photos together. It’s truly heartwarming!

 ‘But sometimes my friends find it uncomfortable when we’re out in public as people flock to me. They find the staring uncomfortable they’re like “Oh god, not another picture, not again!” but for me it’s never uncomfortable, I never get shy’.

Anastasia further said: I don’t have people around me that judge me, but I don’t give a f*** what people think of me. My friends never judge me. My mother tells me that I looked beautiful before of course, but now she calls me “exotic”. She is my best friend and the best possible support I could ask for. 

‘But she is also my mother, so if she says I look crazy it’s okay, strangers on the other hand should mind their own business. Lots of people comment on my Instagram saying things like “She must have had an awful childhood” but this is further from the truth. I had the latest toys, every Barbie doll you can imagine!’.

‘I believe people should all do what they want. People should let me do what I want to do and they should do what they want to do’.

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