A Nigerian Woman Shares Three Indicators To Identify If A Girl’s Waist Beads Are Not “Ordinary”

A Nigerian Woman Shares Three Indicators To Identify If A Girl's Waist Beads Are Not

On Twitter, a Nigerian woman has shared her perspective on waist beads, suggesting that some possess supernatural qualities and are used to ensnare unsuspecting individuals.

She outlined three indicators to identify such beads:

  1. If you experience a sensation resembling a mild electric shock when attempting to approach her, it’s advised to flee for your safety. Engaging in intimacy with her may lead to being ensnared indefinitely.
  2. If you find yourself overwhelmingly aroused in her presence, solely desiring physical intimacy with her and willing to offer anything to satisfy that desire.
  3. If after engaging in intimacy with her, you feel compelled to continue without pause, it may indicate that you have been ensnared, leading to potential financial depletion.

Overall, it is cautioned to pray against encountering such individuals, as they may persist until causing significant harm.

It is essential for men to exercise caution. Waist beads, originating from West Africa, are a form of jewelry worn around the waist or hips, traditionally symbolizing beauty, sexuality, femininity, fertility, well-being, or maturity.


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