A Very Heated Argument Where Kim Accused Khloé Of Being ‘Unbearable These Days’

A Very Heated Argument Where Kim Accused Khloé Of Being 'Unbearable These Days'

Kim Kardashian and her younger sister, Khloé Kardashian, found themselves in a heated argument once again.

During the clash, Kim accused Khloé of being ‘unbearable these days.’

The disagreement began after Khloé, 39, decided to stay behind to support their sister, Kourtney Kardashian, who was nearing the end of her pregnancy, instead of joining an overseas trip. Kim, 43, expressed frustration and aired her feelings on camera.

“Khloé’s not coming, and honestly, she’s just not feeling it,” the SKIMS founder shared during the season 5 premiere of The Kardashians. “When you’re not feeling it, there’s nothing that can force you to come and have a good time. You’ll just be miserable. I’m not in the mood to deal.”

When Khloé was shown Kim’s comments by producers, she seemed taken aback and explained her decision to stay behind during a confessional. 

“Kourtney is at the very end of her pregnancy. I feel like someone has to be here,” the Good American founder explained. “Even for all the kids, like God forbid there’s a natural disaster. I just felt somebody has to be here.”

Khloé, who is a mother to daughter True, 6, and son Tatum, 21 months, with ex Tristan Thompson, admitted to being an overthinker and overly cautious. “I know I’m insane, welcome to my mind,” she confessed.

However, Kim wasn’t convinced by Khloé’s explanation and insisted that her sister needed to “get out and live her life.” She added, “All arrows are pointing towards misery. She feels guilty for leaving, and she just should be home.”

The tension escalated, leading to a fierce argument where Kim told Khloé to “get out.” Khloé shot back, “I don’t care what other people think. I’m happy!”

Kim and Khloé’s conflict was highlighted further, with Kim accusing Khloé of having a “stick up her a**.” Khloé, in turn, shared with the cameras that despite their close bond, sisters can sometimes be “vicious and brutal.”

While the exact reason for their argument is not clear, Khloé implied that Kim might be “dealing with a lot right now” and potentially projecting her feelings onto her.

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