Angry Fergie Lashes Out At Cannes Film Festival Audience During Queen Artwork Auction, Demanding They Quiet Down

Angry Fergie Lashes Out At Cannes Film Festival Audience During Queen Artwork Auction, Demanding They Quiet Down

In what has become a widely discussed incident, Sarah Ferguson commanded an audience seeking “the next party” to be quiet while she delivered a speech at Thursday night’s Cannes Film Festival.

Reactions were mixed: some understood her reasons, while others were displeased.

The Duchess of York was seen saying “stop” multiple times as she thanked Simon de Pury, who had auctioned a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II for about $516K, at the 77th Cannes Film Festival gala auction.

The situation escalated as soon as Ferguson walked on stage. After being introduced, she stunned the crowd by hushing them before pointing to the portrait and stating, “This was my mother-in-law.”

“And the entire room, right now, needs to be quiet,” she told the crowd at the Hotel du Cap, Eden Roc in Cap d’Antibes, France.

It didn’t stop there as Ferguson continued her speech. Sarah Ferguson, who was previously married to Prince Andrew, was perceived negatively by some despite her ‘correct words’ about the displayed artwork. Many people interpreted her demeanor in a way that could seem off-putting.

“Quiet! Because the incredible person Simon de Pury has done an amazing job tonight, this is exceptional, and all I want to say to everyone in this room is stop, stop, stop,” she said.

“Did you see I removed the microphone, because all of you are saying ‘I want to go, because where is the next party? What are we meant to be doing next?'” Ferguson told the audience.

She later apologized to “the youth of tomorrow” for the previous generations’ role in “completely destroying” the planet. She then expressed her gratitude to The Foundation for AIDS Research, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving AIDS treatment and HIV prevention worldwide.

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