Driver HITS motorcyclist in road rage row – only to be hit by a right hook in return


A driver swung a steering wheel lock at a motorcyclist during a road rage row before being hit with a right hook in return on May 2.

How it Went Down

In chaotic footage of the incident, a man in an orange T-shirt, blue body warmer, and jeans, can be seen squaring up to the helmet-clad biker on Greatorex Street, Whitechapel, east London.

As shocked onlookers stood by, the pair furiously battled it out in the middle of the road as they pushed and shoved one another before the driver raised his weapon.

After pushing the biker in the chest, he whacked him in the head with a heavy, metal anti-theft device before the fight turned even more sour.

The Fight Grew Sour

The motorcyclist – donning a black jacket and orange trousers – retaliated to the violent outburst by punching the driver in the side of the head.

The sheer force of the right hook sent the driver flying towards the pavement as his glasses were knocked off his head due to the impact of the hit. 

People Stepped in

In seconds, the helmet-wearing biker had the driver

shoved into a bollard on the side of the road as four ‘peace makers’ dashed to the scene in a bid to break up the fight.

One person held back the motorcyclist while the other three helped the driver to his feet.

The two angrily parted ways after the onlookers’ interference and the rider walked back to his bike that was parked outside a store on the busy street.

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One local said: ‘Totally pointless fighting a bloke with a lid on.’

Another added: ‘You’ll never beat a guy in a helmet. ‘Why try.’

A third joked: ‘His glasses took flight.’

One more added: ‘Whitechapel is wild.

The incident was not reported to the Met Police and no investigations are being carried out, it has been reported.

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