Expert says Kim Kardashian HAS undergone a cosmetic surgery after her appearance at Met Gala


Kim Kardashian‘s appearance at Monday’s Met Gala has sparked cosmetic surgery theory after eagle-eyed online users spot it on.

The reality TV star, 43, shocked fans with her impossibly thin waist during fashion’s biggest night, with some even questioning if she’d had ‘ribs removed’ in order to fit into her Maison Margiela corset gown.

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But now, and after her appearance at Met Gala, people has something to say about her very smooth hands.

What Expert Thinks

With the appearance of the reality star’s hands that Dana Omari-Harrell, who runs a popular plastic surgery-themed Instagram account @IGFamousByDana, suggested she may have undergone ‘hand filling’, a surgical procedure that involves the injection of dental fillers to reduce wrinkles. 

Her Skin Is Smoother Now

Sharing comparison images of Kim’s hands – which the reality star herself branded ‘wrinkly and gross’ back in 2022 – Dana pointed to the fact that the skin appears much smoother than ever before, with every wrinkle and line seemingly vanished. 

‘A follower asked if I thought Kim had her hands done.. and I looked back at her Met 2024 pics.. and yes I do actually!’ she wrote, before going on to list the various procedures that Kim may have undergone in order to transform the appearance of her hands.

What Transforms the Appearance of Her Hands

‘She may have done radiesse* [dermal fillers], fat transfer or sculptra (or a combination!) There are a couple other products people have filling hands with too. Lasers and things like microneedling resurface and build collagen but won’t FILL – however I do believe she’s done laser resurfacing as well as filling,’ she shared. 

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‘(If there are any other hand procedures or surgeries.. I have never heard of them or know any surgeon who performs them).’

Dana added, ‘She’s also much thinner now than in the befores I pulled (all from 2018-2021) so her hands should have even less fullness than they do now after her weight loss – so it’s not weight-related.’

The caption went on to say that Kim has previously worn gloves to many events, and has covered her hands with ‘sleeves or even jewelry.’ 

‘She tends to [pose] with her hands at her where the backs of her hands aren’t visible on camera.’

In a 2022 interview with Allure, Kim revealed that she hates her hands, calling them ‘wrinkly and gross.’ 

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