Fire and Ice: Hottest Game Of Thrones Actresses

A Scorching Countdown of the Top 10 Ladies from Westeros Who Brought the Heat


This list dives into the top 12 Hottest Game Of Thrones Actresses (and we mean that in the most multifaceted way possible) women of Game of Thrones, the ones who left their mark on the realm long after the credits rolled.

Game of Thrones captivated audiences for eight seasons with its epic battles, political machinations, and, of course, its unforgettable characters.  While the men of Westeros were busy vying for the Iron Throne, the women stole the show with their strength, cunning, and unwavering determination. But who were the most compelling? 

Ygritte (Rose Leslie)

Fire and Ice: Hottest Game Of Thrones Actresses

Kicking off the list is the wildling warrior woman Ygritte. This fierce red-headed beauty was just as likely to put an arrow through you as she was to pommel you with her searing stare.

Her rugged yet smoldering looks perfectly captured the wild and untamed spirit of the Free Folk. Let’s be honest, could you really resist that mane of luscious curls and those bedroom eyes even if she did have you in her crosshairs?

Melisandre (Carice van Houten) 

Fire and Ice: Hottest Game Of Thrones Actresses

Speaking of red, the Red Woman herself sizzled every time she appeared on screen. Between her smokey voice, penetrating gaze, and silly striped dress that somehow still looked stupidly hot,

Melisandre oozed a bewitching sensuality. Her dedication to her Lord of Light was hot and heavy, but it’s safe to say she had viewers feeling some very unholy thoughts. 

Arya Stark: The Faceless Assassin with a Heart of Gold

Fire and Ice: Hottest Game Of Thrones Actresses

Arya Stark’s journey from a curious young noblewoman to a deadly assassin is one of the most compelling arcs in the series.  Her fiery spirit and unwavering determination to avenge her family make her a fan favorite. 

While some might argue cuteness isn’t a defining characteristic, Arya’s transformation from a wide-eyed child wielding a wooden sword (“Needle”) to a skilled assassin with a mastery of disguise is undeniably captivating. 

Her list of names to be crossed off might not have been as glamorous as a designer wardrobe, but Arya’s quiet strength and unwavering loyalty make her a true force to be reckoned with. 

Margaery Tyrell (Natalie Dormer)

Fire and Ice: Hottest Game Of Thrones Actresses

Okay, so maybe Margaery wasn’t a fan of the oft-quoted “game” in the show’s title, but she knew how to play it just the same. This rose of Highgarden used her cunning intelligence and elegantly beautiful looks to essentially seduce her way into power.

Those perfectly coy smile and those intoxicatingly mischievous eyes could beguile even the most jaded fans. She took a Lannister, a Baratheon, and nearly a Targaryen as husbands too – high praise for her foxy skills.

Missandei (Nathalie Emmanuel)

Fire and Ice: Hottest Game Of Thrones Actresses

As one of Daenerys’ most trusted advisors, this stunningly exotic beauty from the Isle of Naath brought the heat with her in more ways than one. Her lush curves, perfectly smooth skin, and delicate yet strong features were enough to leave you

feeling a mixture of hopelessly smitten and incredibly thirsty. Missandei was a true “desert rose” who somehow managed to look like a total vision while trudging through the actual deserts of Essos.

Shae (Sibel Kekilli)

Fire and Ice: Hottest Game Of Thrones Actresses

Don’t let the simple beginnings as Tyrion’s paid companion fool you – this womanly, earthy goddess packed some serious smolder. Her curvy, voluptuous frame and the appetizing looks to match made it clear that Shae was every inch a woman embraced.

Those piercing eyes and the playfully naughty smile she loved flashing let you know exactly what she was working with too. Shae was all kinds of hot and botched.

Talisa Maegyr (Oona Chaplin)

Fire and Ice: Hottest Game Of Thrones Actresses

There’s just something about a woman being down-to-earth, bookishly intelligent, but also jaw-droppingly beautiful that makes for a showstopping combination. Which is why the lovely Talisa, a

gentle healer from across the narrow sea, heated things up considerably despite her simple charms. Those warm brown eyes, bright smile, and girl-next-door looks were totally captivating and worthy of the Stark stud she landed.

Obara Sand (Keisha Castle-Hughes)

Fire and Ice: Hottest Game Of Thrones Actresses

They definitely broke the mold when they made this ferociously sexy Dornish warrior woman. The beautiful yet powerfully built Obara carried herself with such wickedly intense confidence and ferocity that it was absolutely sizzling.

Those rippling muscles, that unmistakable strength, that wild mane of hair –  she was untamed personified. Obara had a propensity for dishing out absolutelybrutally hot excecutions too, if you went for that sort of thing. 

Sansa Stark: From Pawn to Player in the Game of Thrones

Fire and Ice: Hottest Game Of Thrones Actresses

Sansa Stark’s transformation is one of the most satisfying in the series.  Starting as a naive young girl yearning for a fairytale ending, Sansa endures unimaginable hardships that harden her resolve.  She learns the brutal realities of Westeros and uses

her newfound cunning to navigate the treacherous political landscape.  Sansa’s quiet strength and strategic mind make her a formidable player in the game of thrones, proving that a crown isn’t just about brute force or fiery dragons. 

Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke)

Fire and Ice: Hottest Game Of Thrones Actresses

Did you really expect the Mother of Dragons not to make this list? Daenerys had that wonderfully dangerous combo of undeniable beauty and take-no-prisoners ferocity. Those striking Targaryen features – the platinum blonde hair,chiseled

cheekbones, full lips – made for a hauntingly beautiful visage. But toss in her fierce determination, assertiveness, and cunning leadership, and you had a total package of molten hotness that could inspire armies with a single glance.

Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey)

Fire and Ice: Hottest Game Of Thrones Actresses

In the icy and golden-haired queen of Westeros, we have true hot-meets-cold personified. Cold because those chilling, soul-piercing green eyes of hers could cut you down quicker than Widow’s Wail. Hot because…well, have you seen Cersei?? Unrepentant, domineering, dangerously sensual –

Cersei took lives and broke hearts with equal ferocity. Her elegant and imperious beauty was so captivating, yet also dripping with you-know-you-want-it arrogance. A true vision of temptress and treacherous, all-consuming desire. 

Yara Greyjoy (Gemma Whelan) 

Fire and Ice: Hottest Game Of Thrones Actresses

And finally, at the top of the list, we have the ravenously smoldering Yara Greyjoy. This hardened Ironborn warrior woman combined everything we loved – a take-no-prisoners, fearlessly bold attitude with deliciously greasy sarcasm and swagger.

But she also happened to be achingly gorgeous with a tight, athletic build, striking features, and this ineffably butch sense of sensuality. Maybe it was the guyliner, or the shaggy yet sexy tousles, or simply the immensely magnetic screen presence. Whatever it was, Yara burned pure, uncut hotness.  She was a total and complete babe, plain and simple.

There you have it – the smokin’ hot daughters, warriors, and leaders of the Game of Thrones universe who kept things spicy while everything else burned. Whether regal and sophisticated, wild and rugged, or elegantly fierce, each of these

women had a jaw-dropping magnetism that made them absolutely sizzle on screen. They gave us plenty to, ahem, watch while they took names and claimed thrones. And if this isn’t already clear – yes, we absolutely would have bent the knee for any of them.

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