Germany to ‘conscript ALL 18-year-olds’ amid fears of all-out NATO war with Russia


Now that Putin’s forces advance in Ukraine, Germany considers conscripting their 18-year-olds amid fears out an all-out NATO war with Russia, leaked military plans reveal. 

Military planners are discussing three potential plans, two of which involve a compulsory military year for all men once they turn 18.

Proposal Number One

In one proposal being considered by military planners in Berlin, all men and women would be subject to conscription once they turned 18. 

Germany’s previous policy on compulsory military service only applied to men.  

What it Means For Germany?

To include women would require a changing the nation’s constitution, according to the newspaper, but ministry insiders reportedly believe the change would ‘most likely to receive societal approval’.

Proposal Number Two

Another proposal, which is viewed by the defence ministry as a ‘a strong signal’ to both allies and rivals, would only apply to 18-year-old men, but would not see everyone selected, the leaked reports revealed.

Young men would be required to complete an online form and could then later be chosen for service.

Proposal Number Three

A third option under consideration avoids conscription and instead focuses on ‘optimising’ the current military system through more proactive recruitment campaigns.

It is understood that officials are in the final stages of discussions with German defence minister Boris Pistorius expected to go public with official plans next month, per The Sunday Telegraph.

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News of the defence ministry’s potential conscription plans comes just days after Vladimir Putin declared his nuclear forces were at full combat readiness in preparation for a global war.

What Putin Said

Putin, in an unsettling speech on Thursday from Moscow‘s Red Square, addressed top officials, members of the armed forces and millions of Russian citizens.

He hailed the troops fighting in Ukraine for their courage and also blasted what Russia calls the ‘collective West’, accusing it of ‘fuelling regional conflicts, inter-ethnic and inter-religious strife and trying to contain sovereign and independent centers of global development’. 

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