Girl, 11, misdiagnosed 30 times over three years before the ‘REAL’ cause of her headaches was uncovered


An 11-year-old girl was misdiagnosed with sickness bugs and migraines. Meanwhile, she was assessed by medics about 30 times before being told she had a brain tumour.

What Happened?

Her mother, Imogen Darby, explained Tia Gordon was given glasses prescription in different four times before the tumour was spotted.

Imogen sad she had sought help over a three-year period regarding her daughter’s migraines and vomiting, before being told the wait for an MRI scan would be at least eight months.

Tia ended up being admitted to hospital as an emergency despite previous trips to GPs, A&E and calls to NHS 111.

It was only when Tia’s condition started to affect her balance and ability to walk that she was given an emergency scan – and it showed she had a 3.5cm brain tumour.

How it All Started

Ms Darby first noticed Tia’s symptoms during the Covid lockdown in March 2020 when Tia started being sick.

Darby said: ‘I was told Tia had stomach bugs and migraines. The first thing I was told, because it was the summer, was that she just needed to drink more water.

‘After probably a year, she got diagnosed with migraines and they gave her paracetamol for that.

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‘She was also given another medication for that and her final diagnosis in January this year from paediatrics was migraine with sickness.

‘Over more than three years, I took Tia to doctors, she was refused MRIs, she was refused to be seen by emergency paediatrics, I called 111.

She said, ‘I went to A&E, she had her glasses changed four times, she was given medication and she had a consultant, but it took for her to be unable to walk for her to get the care she needed.’

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