Hannah McGuire’s brother is FREED from prison to attend her funeral – she was murdered by her ex


Hundreds have gathered to say goodbye to ‘heart of gold’ Hannah McGuire in a moving funeral service – her jailed brother was also granted a release to attend.

How She Was Killed

The body of 23-year-old McGuire was discovered in a burnt-out car near State Forest Rd, close to Scarsdale, south-west of Ballarat in Victoria, on April 5.

Who Was the Killer?

Lachlan Young, 21, has been charged over his ex-partner’s alleged murder.

Essendon captain Zach Merrett and teammate Jake Stringer were among the mourners who spilled out of a Ballarat funeral home on Monday to pay their final respects to the teacher’s aide.

Merrett and Stringer are believed to be good friends of Ms McGuire’s parents, who own a pub in the country town of Clunes. 

Fletcher Came, Though Escorted

Prison guards were seen escorting Hannah McGuire’s brother, Fletcher McGuire, into the chapel before whisking him away back to jail following the service.

Why He Was Imprisoned

McGuire was sentenced to four years and five months over a car jacking, just days his sister’s alleged murdered. 

His father was seen consoling him and his other son Jude as the hearse made its way out off to the cemetery. 

In the saddest of scenes, Mr McGuire could not bring himself to let his daughter go, and walked alone behind the hearse as it drove away.

The beloved teacher’s aide’s students paid tribute to her in a touching video played during the ceromony.

Some pupils were seen outside the chapel with their devastated parents. 

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‘Hannah wasn’t just a teacher she was a friend and we’ll miss her,’ one pupil said.

‘She gave me cuddles. I loved her heaps. She helped us when we needed her,’ another said. 

One by one they spoke of a woman who cared and went out of her way to make them feel good about themselves.  

‘She always made me smile and it was a joy to see her everyday,’ a pupil said. 

‘She was always happy and had a smile on her face … I wish she could come back, but she can’t come back.’

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