Harry And Meghan Have Brought Four Of Their Own Security Guards To Nigeria – But Their Hosts Will Be Paying For Them

Harry And Meghan Have Brought Four Of Their Own Security Guards To Nigeria - But Their Hosts Will Be Paying For Them

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle arrived in Nigeria with a “presidential-style” security team for their 72-hour stay in the country.

However, their security arrangements have sparked debate in England among former Royal protection officers, who view the visit as hypocritical and performative by the couple.

During their time in Nigeria so far, the royal couple have been busy, with Harry visiting Kaduna to meet wounded military officers. For their 72-hour private trip, Harry and Meghan reportedly paid for their own four-person security team, in addition to receiving substantial protection from the Nigerian government.

Nevertheless, their decision to visit the country has been criticized as “hypocritical” back in England. Former royal protection officer Dai Davies expressed his disapproval of Harry and Meghan’s security plans in an interview with the DailyMail.

He said, “Seeing all his presidential-style security really does stick in the throat. For a couple who say all they want is privacy to visit one of the most dangerous places in the world, and that’s not me saying that it’s the Foreign Office as well, is crazy, and you have to wonder why.”

Davies claimed that it would have been “safer and easier” for Harry and Meghan to fly the wounded Nigerian soldiers to London rather than to visit the country.

He added, “You have to ask yourself is it really all about the charities or is it the Harry and Meghan show [?]”

Former royal protection officer Ken Wharfe also condemned Harry and Meghan’s trip to Nigeria. He raised questions about Harry’s decision to visit a high-risk country, especially after previously expressing concerns about security issues in England. Wharfe told the DailyMail that the entire trip highlighted Harry’s “hypocrisy” very clearly.

He said, “I went to Nigeria with Harry’s mother and father, and it was pretty lawless back then and so you do have to question why he has gone there if he says the safety of his wife and children is uppermost.”

Wharfe added, “He’s going to a high-risk country and I’m sure he will be looked after but he is a high-level target and one that would certainly in the feather of anyone looking to make him a dramatic impact.”

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