How Did Kim Kardashian Achieve Her Met Gala Corset Look

How Did Kim Kardashian Achieve Her Met Gala Corset Look

Kim Kardashian caused a stir at the 2022 Met Gala by revealing she underwent a crash diet to fit into the Marilyn Monroe-inspired “Happy Birthday Mr. President” dress she wore while posing on the museum steps.

However, this year, she opted for a different approach to body modification, relying on extreme corseting for the Maison Margiela by John Galliano couture dress she donned.

The corset was cinched so tightly at the waist that it transformed her figure into an hourglass version akin to the X Games. The constriction was so intense that it was difficult to fathom how she could breathe, let alone eat once inside the museum.

Viewers on social media immediately took notice. “Kim Kardashian honestly looks so uncomfortable and like she can barely move or even breathe,” posted one observer. “Fashion shouldn’t be like that.”

“Everyone is snatching their waist,” another wrote on X. “They said the one rule in the garden of time is no breathing, from Bad Bunny to Kim Kardashian.”

The corseting featured prominently in Mr. Galliano’s highly publicized January Margiela couture show, where both men and women donned it. Photographs capturing the “making of” process displayed on Mr. Galliano’s mood boards showcased the bruises left on the models’ skin from the lacing. (Ms. Kardashian had occupied a front-row seat at that show.)

In Ms. Kardashian’s interpretation of the corset this time, it was reimagined in an antique silver brocade. It was paired with a sheer silver metal skirt adorned with intricate lace flowers, twigs, and mirror shards, aligning with the evening’s dress code, “The Garden of Time.” The enduring notion of enduring discomfort for the sake of fashion appears to be timeless.

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