How Would The Russian And NATO Armies Compare In A Potential WW3 Doomsday Scenario

How Would The Russian And NATO Armies Compare In A Potential WW3 Doomsday Scenario

Russia’s war in Ukraine has vividly demonstrated the array of lethal technologies available in 21st-century warfare for annihilating adversaries.

From lethal drones hunting down terrified soldiers to hypersonic missiles demolishing apartment buildings, the past two years have provided numerous examples of the brutal effectiveness of modern military capabilities.

Despite the advanced military technologies available, Moscow’s primary frontline strategy appears to be drawn from the playbook of World War I generals—bombarding Ukrainians with artillery before sending waves of soldiers to secure territory inch by blood-soaked inch.

This approach resembles the style of warfare seen in the Battle of Passchendaele but has nonetheless proven effective, with Vladimir Putin’s forces rapidly gaining ground in eastern Ukraine.

So, until future AI systems take over the heavy lifting, George S. Patton’s observation that “wars may be fought with weapons, but they are won by men” seems likely to remain true.

Patton, one of the United States’ most respected generals, saw his axiom understood best in Russia, where sheer Soviet manpower—and a willingness to endure casualties on an unprecedented scale—was pivotal in the Allied victory over the Nazis in World War II.

This historical fact is deeply ingrained in Russia’s collective memory and serves as a critical element in Vladimir Putin’s rhetoric, justifying his war in Ukraine as a necessary defense against a threatening, expansionist West.

In the ongoing war of words between East and West this week, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov taunted Western leaders, asserting that his forces are prepared to confront NATO if the alliance deploys troops on Ukrainian soil.

With this context, MailOnline examines the comparative strength of the Russian and NATO armies, outlining the potential outcomes of a future clash between East and West on the Ukrainian battlefield.

By the numbers, NATO’s combined military force is the most formidable in the world. The alliance comprises 32 countries with a collective military budget exceeding $1 trillion.

NATO boasts over three million active personnel, approximately three million reserve personnel, and more than 700,000 troops in paramilitary forces.

In addition to their manpower, NATO countries possess more than 14,000 tanks and tens of thousands of combat vehicles, along with 21,000 military aircraft and nearly 2,000 naval vessels. Three-member nations, namely the US, the UK, and France, also possess nuclear weapons.

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