James, Earl Of Wessex, Is Emulating Prince Edward’s Path In A Fresh Manner

James, Earl Of Wessex, Is Emulating Prince Edward's Path In A Fresh Manner

James, Earl of Wessex, the youngest son of the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh, was observed sporting an uncommon accessory at the Royal Windsor Horse Show today—a signet ring.

Gentleman’s Gazette explains the history and significance of a signet ring: “For wealthy and important men, a signet ring was a powerful tool akin to a signature: the engravings on the ring were unique to the man who wore it, and if he used the face of the ring like a seal, he could stamp his symbol into ink, wax, clay, or similar surfaces, and in doing so leave a mark similar to the way that we sign documents today.” 

James continues the royal tradition of wearing a signet ring, following in the footsteps of his father, Prince Edward, and his uncle, King Charles.

According to jewellery historian Helen Dimmick, King Charles wears a ring steeped in history, a symbol he retains even after stepping down from his role as Prince of Wales.

“Since the mid-1970s King Charles III has been photographed wearing a signet ring on the smallest finger of his left hand,” she says. 

The then Prince of Wales wearing his signet ring and wedding ring to Princess Diana in 1993

“For the then Prince of Wales this was a very personal and symbolic jewel – the precious yellow gold oval bezel is engraved with his heraldic badge of three ostrich feathers emerging from a gold coronet, with the ribbon below bearing the motto ‘Ich Dien’, or ‘I serve’.” 

Similarly, King Charles’s brother, Prince Edward, is often seen wearing his signet ring, which features the initial ‘E’ beneath a crown. James’s signet ring, like his uncle’s, appears to be crafted from gold and may bear the Wessex coat of arms.

The young royal attended the Royal Windsor Horse Show, a beloved event of the late Queen, who never missed a year since its inception in 1943.

Over the weekend, the royals were seen in public, including a notable surprise appearance from King Charles, along with regular attendees Duchess Sophie and Lady Louise Windsor.

Despite being four years younger than his sister, James holds the 15th position in the line of succession to the throne, following the ancient rule of primogeniture, where the eldest male inherits the title.

This law was amended with the introduction of the Succession to the Crown Act in 2013, ahead of the birth of Prince George, ensuring that the eldest child, regardless of gender, would be the heir.

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