Jennifer Aniston Shares Honest Insight About The Menopause And It ‘Affecting’ Her Life And Work In A Rare Interview 

Jennifer Aniston Shares Honest Insight About The Menopause And It 'Affecting' Her Life And Work In A Rare Interview 

Jennifer Aniston has been refreshingly candid about her experience with menopause, sharing her feelings and what she wished she had known beforehand.

The Morning Show star discussed this in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, alongside other A-listers such as Naomi Watts, Jodie Foster, Nicole Kidman, Sofia Vergara, Brie Larson, and Anna Sawai.

During the conversation, led by Naomi Watts, Jennifer admitted that it would have been helpful to have more information about what to expect before experiencing menopause herself.

She said: “That goes back to: ‘What would your earlier self-have loved someone to prepare you for?’ That would have been a nice bit of information because you go into it sort of blindly. Like, some alien is taking over your body and it doesn’t make sense. It affects you in your life and in your work.” 

She added: “And it all depends on when your mom went through it, which I didn’t know. And it helps to have that information. OK, let’s not talk about this …” 

Jennifer also opened up about her career in the star-studded chat, revealing there was one thing she would never do in an audition, and that’s make out with anyone during a chemistry reading audition. 

She said: “I haven’t been told you’re going to have to lay down and [simulate]…And if asked, I would never.” 

Jennifer Aniston has enjoyed an incredible career spanning decades, not only as an award-winning actress but also as a prominent figure in the beauty industry. In recent years, she has made her mark with her LolaVie haircare line, which prides itself on using naturally derived ingredients and the latest technology.

LolaVie’s product lineup includes shampoos, conditioners, leave-in treatments, oils, and a newly introduced sculpting hair paste. A key factor in LolaVie’s success is its commitment to natural ingredients, something Jennifer emphasized as crucial in an interview with Forbes.

“Our ingredients are natural – that was a really big piece of this that had to be a part of our product and that it was also effective,” she explained. The brand’s growth has been impressive, with partnerships including its first retailer Ulta Beauty and, more recently, availability in all of Credo’s stores and online. 

Jennifer’s hair—currently styled in her iconic Rachel cut from her Friends days—is as sleek as ever, and the star appears to defy aging. She has been remarkably open about her health and fitness regime, following the 16:8 Diet, and frequently shares workout videos on social media.

In recent years, she has also stopped drinking alcohol. In a discussion about aging and personal milestones with The New York Times, she shared: “I don’t normally talk about it, but I am over five years sober. That feels like a milestone to me.” 

She added: “Forty feels like a gift. I hesitate at calling things ‘middle age’ simply because we don’t know if this is middle age. We don’t know anything.”

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