Kate Hudson Acknowledges Her One-Year Hiatus From Dating Men

Kate Hudson Acknowledges Her One-Year Hiatus From Dating Men

Kate Hudson has had her share of romantic relationships in the past, but she credits a “disciplined” year-long break from men — including flirting! — for helping her find love with Danny Fujikawa.

The singer of “Talk About Love” and her fiancé started dating in 2016, welcomed their daughter Rani Rose two years later, and announced their engagement in September 2021.

Before that, despite calling herself “boy crazy,” the How To Lose a Guy In Ten Days actress was single for nearly four years. Reflecting on this period, she says her relationship with Danny wouldn’t have been possible without it.

During an appearance on Alex Cooper’s Call Her Daddy podcast, Kate discussed her therapist’s suggestion for a year-long break from men.

“I couldn’t flirt, none of it, but it was great,” she said, explaining: “I was at that pace where I was like, ‘I don’t want to keep repeating any patterns anymore.”

As she further remembered not being able to partake in her habit of texting and flirting with guys for entertainment, the thrill of it, and having to reject those who asked for her number, she noted: “It was strangely empowering, because it got very uncomfortable for me in the beginning. The first couple of months my mojo [was down.]”

Kate further explained: “Because we were going through very specific types of therapy, it was really about figuring out certain things that were happening with me.”

“Then I had this one sort of breakthrough that was very emotional that I don’t think I would have been able to access if I had any distractions.”

Kate further shared that eventually “it allowed me to see things much more clearly,” and that by the six-month mark, she was no longer always taking to her phone to text men, or wondering who she might be able to see when she went out with friends. “There was no desire for me to do anything that had anything to do with potential flirtation.”

They welcomed daughter Rani Rose in 2018

She also recalled the shift she felt when it came to dating once she made it to the year, how she “didn’t have the same attachment to it anymore,” or got a thrill out of it, and she wasn’t interested in the same kind of guys she had been before.

“I was so happy single, I was single for three and a half years,” she continued, before declaring: “If I didn’t do that, I would have never ended up with Danny.”

Kate has three children: Ryder, 20, Bingham, 12, and Rani, five

She explained: “Because Danny, he’s just such a good man, and I’m not sure I was attracted to the good man. I mean I was attracted to good men, but you know, like, the uncomplicated… I liked a feisty, wild type.”

“Whereas Danny has that in him, [but] his values are very sturdy, and he’s such a lovely person. I would have never, I think, allowed that in if I didn’t take those three years of being so happy in my life alone.”

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