Lady Frederick Windsor Sold The Big Issue For A Second Time, While Also Discussing A Cause That Is Deeply Important To Her

Lady Frederick Windsor Sold The Big Issue For A Second Time, While Also Discussing A Cause That Is Deeply Important To Her

Lady Frederick Windsor, also known professionally as Sophie Winkleman for her acting roles as Big Suze in the cult comedy “Peep Show” and Lady Susan in “Sanditon,” has returned to the streets of London to sell copies of The Big Issue, a magazine close to her heart.

The mother of two joined vendor Kelvin Gregory on his pitch outside Somerset House for the second time this year on Friday.

“It’s cemented my respect and awe for Big Issue vendors. It’s b****y hard work and I’ve only done a 100th of what Kelvin does each day,” Sophie said. “It’s quite a fine art – knowing who to approach and who to just leave alone, having a radar of who’s approachable.”

She added: “It’s quite tough when people just walk by and put your hand up like you’re a pest, a pigeon or something, and you think ‘Really?’. Even if you can’t get one, just say ‘I can’t get one today, good luck’, or whatever – just make a human connection.”

Kelvin said: “Selling with Sophie has been a unique experience. It’s good for somebody who is quite well known in the media, someone who’s quite well connected, to be very grounded and see the day-to-day of a Big Issue vendor – to realise how difficult it can be to be a vendor.

“She managed to sell three, I think she felt a bit of euphoria making the first sale. I think it’s the rejection she found hard to handle, the rudeness of some people – but that’s life, some people are good, some people are bad, some people are quite engaging.”

Since 2020, Sophie has served as an ambassador for the Big Issue, sharing that she has been purchasing the magazine since her school days. Even during her six-year stint in Los Angeles starting in 2009, Sophie had her mother send her copies of The Big Issue to remind her of home.

Both the King and the Prince of Wales also have connections to the publication, which supports individuals experiencing homelessness or at risk of becoming homeless.

Last November, Charles appeared on the cover of The Big Issue to coincide with his 75th birthday. He contributed an article to the magazine discussing the importance of finding practical solutions to bridge the gap between food waste and food needs, following the launch of the Coronation Food Project the previous year.

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