Lady said she’s tired of London and FLEW to Spain to meet a man in the hope I would find love


A single lady claims dating in London has become ‘so bad’ that she was left with no choice than to ‘go international’.

Her London Experience

Celeste Hartley was so fed up with the ‘bleak’ dating scene in London that she spontaneously decided to fly to Malaga, Spain, on Friday 19 April to meet a man she matched with on Hinge.

She reportedly forked out £250 to fly to Spain in search of love instead hoping love would recompense her.

Her Spain Experience

The 28-year-old from south London, had a ‘surreal’ weekend of romance for a first date with a 28-year-old from Malaga, and swears it has given her ‘hope for mankind’ in the dating world.

She took to TikTok to document her whirlwind experience, and shared a video of her at the airport captioned, ‘when London dating is so bad you have to go international’, which has now gained 235,000 views.

In the clip, Celeste tells her followers: ‘Regardless of whatever happens between me and said man, it is worth it for how exciting this whole thing has been so far’.

A follow-up post reveals a compilation of photos from the short break, including a spontaneous trip to a tattoo parlour so they could both get tattoos, sight-seeing and lots of food.

People React

Many users praised Celeste in the comments as ‘life is about adventure’ and said they were ‘invested’ in her decision.

Other users criticised the 28-year-old for spending ‘too much money’ on a first date.

The marketing and consultancy business owner revealed that after matching with the Spanish man, the pair instantly hit it off with ‘very good conversation’ and Celeste swiftly agreed to fly out to visit him during a phone call.

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How She Met His Date

Celeste said: ‘I saw him on my explore page but I didn’t like him. He sent me a funny message and we quite quickly got into a very good conversation.

‘He was asking me a lot of questions. I’m quite bad at replying on there, which is sort of feeding into the problem. It got quite in-depth conversation quite quickly.

‘We decided to meet in Malaga, which is kind of near where he lives but we wanted to have a neutral ground.

‘I was happy to do it for the adventure and because I am pretty sick of London. I’m always looking for a reason to get out. Plus, if anything, I would get a nice holiday out of it.’

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