Man Found Guilty After Confessing To A Grave Offense During A Police Officer Interview

Man Found Guilty After Confessing To A Grave Offense During A Police Officer Interview

A Florida resident, aspiring to join the police force, confessed to sexually assaulting his cousin during a job interview with a police department and is now staring at a potential life sentence.

Stephen Bodley, aged 26, was found guilty by an Orange County jury for the charge of sexual battery on a child, according to a statement from the office of State Attorney Andrew Bain.

Bodley initially referenced engaging in “sexual games” in a sworn officer application submitted to the Apopka Police Department. He reiterated the admission during a subsequent interview.

“The certified voice stress analysis examiner performed a voice stress examination on Bodley,” Bain said. “During the examination, the examiner asked Bodley to expand on concerning answers he provided in a pre-test questionnaire.”

Bodley recounted instances of sexually abusing a child from years ago and acknowledged it when prompted to elaborate further.

According to an affidavit cited by the Tampa Bay Times, detectives located the victim’s mother, who affirmed that Bodley and the victim shared a close relationship.

The victim, identified as a female, informed the Florida Department of Children and Families about the abuse, stating that it occurred over several years, spanning from Bodley’s age of around 14 to approximately 19, as reported by the newspaper.

Despite Bodley’s lawyer’s request to exclude his confession from the trial, the judge declined. His sentencing is scheduled for June 24, with the conviction carrying a potential life imprisonment sentence.

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