Meghan Markle Expresses Her Joy In Motherhood, Sharing Insights About Her ‘Chatty’ Children, Archie And Lili

Meghan Markle Expresses Her Joy In Motherhood, Sharing Insights About Her 'Chatty' Children, Archie And Lili

On day two of her rapid-fire mini-tour in Nigeria, Meghan Markle shared her deep affection for motherhood, discussing her ‘chatty’ children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet.

During Saturday afternoon’s event, where she co-hosted a Women in Leadership gathering with Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Director General of the World Trade Organization, Meghan made a heartfelt remark about her little ones.

The event aimed to underscore the significance of female leadership and empowerment in fostering positive global transformation. Radiant in a red summer dress, Meghan exuded confidence onstage as she engaged in dialogue alongside Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala.

When the conversation turned to how women juggle motherhood with their careers, and the Duchess was asked for advice, she sweetly said: “I love being a mum, I love being a mum.”

She then recalled: “When I was on season one of Suits, so that was a long time ago. Now I know the show is having a resurgence, but that was a long time ago. Let’s say maybe a decade ago.”

“And Bonnie Hammer, who runs NBCUniversal, was a huge mentor, remains a huge mentor to me. And I remember having the good fortune at the time that she invited me to have breakfast and I thought this was just the biggest deal in the world,” she continued.

“And I asked her that exact question. I said, ‘How do you find the balance?’ And she said, ‘You don’t, you’ll never find the balance.'”

Meghan smiled: “And this was before I was married, before I had children, before all the things in my life have certainly had a plot twist. 

“And it struck me and it stayed with me for a long time because you say, ‘Well how can you be so successful? And she’s a mother as well and she’s married and say that you’ll never find the balance? What does life feel like if it’s imbalanced?'”

Meghan said: “What I think that to mean now is that that balance will always change for you. That balance, what seems balanced ten years ago is going to shift. 

“And so being a mum has always been a dream of mine. And I’m so fortunate that we have two beautiful, healthy, very chatty sweet children.”

During the Q&A session, Meghan was questioned about her feelings regarding her Nigerian heritage. She responded, “Firstly, thank you all so much for being here. I am deeply flattered, honored, and inspired.

“It has been a whirlwind 24 hours since we arrived, and I very quickly got the memo than I need to wear more colour so I can fit in with all of you in your incredible fashion. I am very overwhelmed. So, I want to start by saying thank you very much for just how gracious you’ve all been in welcoming my husband and I to this country, my country.”

She added her first thing she did when she found out her heritage was “call my mum, because I wanted to know if she had any awareness of it”. 

“It was exciting for both of us to discover more and understand what that really means,” she said.

Meghan added: “And every single moment that I hear anyone so far talk about what it means to be a Nigerian woman, it is the most flattering thing to be in that company, to be in your company.”

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