Mica Miller’s Pastor Husband, John-Paul, Threatened To Arrive At Her Sister’s House “Armed And Ready”

Mica Miller's Pastor Husband, John-Paul, Threatened To Arrive At Her Sister's House

The family of Mica Miller, the pastor’s wife who tragically shot herself in a North Carolina state park last month, disclosed text messages that purportedly detail abuse from the pastor years before Miller initiated divorce proceedings.

Miller’s sister, Sierra Francis, shared what appear to be screenshots of messages from Solid Rock Church Pastor John-Paul Miller to his wife and her family, including threats in which he claimed to be armed.

“The proof is in the abuse,” Francis wrote on TikTok. “Police reports were filed when JP threatened his life, we did a wellness check. That is when he got mad. Police stated ‘when they arrived to perform a wellness check, he was loading micas belongings into his truck. he stated he was not suicidal.’ #justiceformica. We don’t want any drama here. That was the pretense of Mica coming for a visit, that is just Mica alone,” one message from the family read.

The pastor appeared unwilling to accept “no” as an answer, indicating that he was only three hours away and expressing no fear even when the family threatened to involve law enforcement or confront him with another relative if he arrived.

“I’m armed. I’m ready,” John-Paul Miller wrote. “Mica can fix all of this. THIS doesn’t help anything. Threats and intimidation only make matters worse.”

Other screenshots showed the disturbing messages the pastor sent directly to his wife, who saved him as “Honey Baby” on her phone.

“My blood is on you, and my kids will know. All you had to do was come home to me. But you don’t even care that much about me,” John-Paul Miller allegedly said.

“All you had to do was love me enough to drive home to me, but you don’t even care that much about me, I love you, I’m sorry. If you come home today we can take off the rest of the year and go to counseling every day. Go to Iceland. Do whatever in order to get well. I also desperately want a child with u. I’m just scared of this. This is the only reason I wouldn’t. I’m scared of divorce or putting the child thru things like this where u leave and aren’t willing to do whatever it takes.”

John-Paul Miller has five children with his previous wife.

“All of this started because of one bad decision a month ago in Columbia. If I could go back (in) time I would. We had the GREATEST marriage in the world up until that one wrong choice. It can continue down that path or we can have an amazing marriage once again, the choice is yours. Love u.”

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