Muslim father, DIED after friends ‘forced’ him to drink two bottles of brandy for losing a card game


A father-of-four, Umar Aziz died after being ‘forced’ to drink two bottles of brandy as a forfeit for losing at cards – and was then put into the back of his car and locked in a compound overnight on his own, an inquest heard.

What Happened?

The young dad was allegedly made to down the strong spirit in the space of just 30 minutes as a ‘Jurmana’ – the Urdu word for penalty – the night before he was due to attend his sister’s wedding.

How He was Found

He was then placed on a chair outside a ‘dreary’ portacabin where his supposed friends took photos and filmed him on their phones before leaving him.

The next day, he was found unresponsive in his car after one of the group who were with him the previous night, Abdul Shaqoor, finally returned to the compound.

He was rushed to the hospital. He died from fatal levels of alcohol having 330mg of alcohol per 1000ml of blood – over four times the drink-drive limit of 80mg.

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Court Heard

Barrister Matthew Stanbury, on behalf of the Aziz family – who are seeking an unlawful killing verdict – challenged Mr Shaqoor saying: ‘Jurmana was banded about as a concept in your group.’

Mr Shaqoor denied Jurmana was a punishment and that they used the word to mean a treat.

Mr Stanbury replied: ‘So I’m the loser and my punishment is to be the recipient of a treat?’

Mr Shaqoor said: ‘None of this was with intent. He was a brother.’

Although police investigated the tragedy, no charges were ever brought against Mr Shaqoor – allegedly the ringleader – or four other men who were present on the night, the inquest heard.

Pathologist Dr Richard Knight said the cause of death due to acute alcohol intoxication.

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