Painting contractor SPRAYS pro-Palestine protestors who refuse to move when he tries to cover up their vandalism


A painting contractor was hired to paint over pro-Palestine graffiti on a college campus only to sprayed a group of protestors refusing to move as he covered up their vandalism.

The incident took place at Case Western Reserve University, a private research university in Cleveland, Ohio.

The Assault Claims

American author Andy Ngo shared video online captioned: ‘A contractor hired to paint over a vandalized wall by pro-Gaza activists is met by protesters who want to stop him. He proceeds to paint over them too.’

Video shows a white wall in an outdoor area of the university that has been vandalized with pro-Gaza symbols, scribbles and phrases.

The Activists and the Sprayer

The contractor nonchalantly sprays the protestors propped up against the graffiti as he attempts to cover the mess up – but is faced with the activists who are refusing to leave. 

As it becomes clear that the contractor will not be stopping the despite the activists lack of movement, the first of the protestors pulls down a plastic protective mask to shield their face from the paint as the rest of the squad put on the same gear.  

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According to Ngo, the protesters are now trying to claim they were assaulted with paint by the contractor – who was doing his job.

Netizens React

Users on X/Twitter disagree with assault claims: ‘No one made them stand there, they had free will to walk away- this trophy generation is killing me,’ one said.

‘Yes, and after the first guy got painted, they should have known to leave. They wanted to be painted. I saw nothing,’ another agreed. 

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