‘Someone grabbed my t*ts so I headbutted him’: British ‘shot girls’ EXPLAIN horrific abuse they face


British shot girls working on the infamous Magaluf strip have told how they have been forced to headbutt drunken partygoers who have sexually assaulted them.

Magaluf reps, many of whom are women in their early 20s working for around £10 per hour, have opened up about the vile misogyny they face ‘on a daily basis’.

Abuse of Shot Girls

Just days after the Balearic Islands toughened up drinking laws to crack down on boozy tourists, dejected-looking reps claimed the abuse they face is ‘part of the job’, while others admitted girls need to have a ‘thick skin’ to work in Magaluf.

One girl told how she only started working in Magaluf because she had to ‘flee a pervert boss’ from a yacht job in nearby Palma, while another ended up with cuts and bruises after fighting off a man who had groped her breasts.

More Abuses

A third rep working on the Magaluf strip said that she was slapped in the face and called a ‘fat s**g’ by a British man after simply offering him a free shot.

On Thursday night, some men were spotted grabbing shot girls inappropriately, kissing them on the face and shouting sexual remarks from bars and terraces.

Tori, 21, explained that working along the strip is ‘crazy’, adding: ‘I deal with s**t on a daily basis. The other day some guy came up to me and grabbed my t**s so I headbutted him and then I fell over and cut my knee. It happens all the time.’

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She added: ‘I just feel like “give over haven’t you got a wife and kids at home?” Trying it on with girls all the time, it’s just ridiculous.’

Tori said that she regrets coming to Magaluf ‘at least once every day’ but then her mind changes. ‘You just have to get yourself back into it,’ she said.

The 21-year-old, from Leicester, said that she is planning to spend the whole season in Magaluf. ‘It’s tiring, draining, but better than England,’ she added.

She continued: ‘It is what it is, you just get used to it or I just headbutt them. A lot of the bouncers are really good. If they see someone they will get involved, they don’t let girls get taken the p*** out of.’

When asked what she would say to the drunken lads who harass shot girls, she laughed and said: ‘I’d tell them to die.’

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