The Challenges Of Life Without Derek: Kate Garraway Reveals An Unseen View Of Her ‘Healing’ Family Garden

The Challenges Of Life Without Derek: Kate Garraway Reveals An Unseen View Of Her 'Healing' Family Garden

Kate Garraway revealed several unseen corners of her expansive garden at her London home, where she lives with her two children, Darcey, 17, and Billy, 11.

The Good Morning Britain presenter, who tragically lost her husband Derek Draper in January, candidly took to Instagram to share a heartfelt post after celebrating her first birthday since Derek’s passing.

Taking her 1.3 million Instagram followers on a tour of her “healing” garden, the mother-of-two confessed that she had been feeling overwhelmed, “trying to keep her head above water,” and had avoided tending to the overgrown space. This garden holds special memories for her and her late husband.

“I have had the most amazing day in the garden,” Kate said. “I loved doing the garden when Derek wasn’t well because it felt like when I was planting and doing stuff when we could get him outside he could come and be with me.”  

Kate’s garden appeared slightly overgrown, yet the beautiful outdoor space is evidently a cherished place for the family to enjoy together.

The previous night, Kate’s son Billy used a small table and chairs arranged in a circle to catch up with friends.

“It’s been a bit sad and the weather has been against us, and life has just been so hectic I haven’t done it,” she admitted, showing off her afternoon’s work. “What’s been lovely is just sort of… being here really,” said Kate, reflecting on the things her husband and she used to admire about the garden together. 

In a poignant moment, the TV personality reminisced about how she and Derek had envisioned having wildflowers in their garden before purchasing the property that would later become their family home.

Previously, they had only a small patio, just large enough for enjoying a glass of wine.

In another heartfelt Instagram post, Kate thanked her parents for gifting her a wheelbarrow on her birthday. “You know my garden is my #happyplace but have been feeling overwhelmed recently as it’s gotten so out of control as I have just been racing around trying to keep head above water,” Kate wrote.

“So, they [mum and dad] surprised me with this wheelbarrow saying that even though our garden isn’t big ‘it helps when lugging & carrying’. Not everyone’s first choice for a prezzie but I couldn’t be happier!!! 

“Love you so much mum and dad – you always know the best way to get me out there and going forward. I can’t wait to get my hands dirty this weekend and get going! Have a fab one everyone!!!”

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