Weston, Son Of Nicolas Cage, Has Been Accused Of Assaulting His Mother, Christina Fulton

Weston, Son Of Nicolas Cage, Has Been Accused Of Assaulting His Mother, Christina Fulton

Actress Christina Fulton, who shares a son, Weston Cage, with Nicolas Cage, has reportedly been involved in a distressing incident at her Los Angeles residence.

On April 28, a verbal disagreement between Christina and her son Weston allegedly turned physical, resulting in Christina sustaining a black eye and additional facial bruising.

Emergency services were reportedly summoned to the scene, although Christina did not require hospitalization. Law enforcement is currently investigating the incident to ascertain whether it constitutes felony battery. Weston, aged 33, had departed the premises by the time authorities arrived, and as of now, no arrests have been made.

This incident purportedly transpired as Christina was attempting to offer support to Weston during a challenging emotional period, inviting him to her home in an attempt to provide solace. Photographs taken of Christina on Sunday at a parking meter depict visible bruising under her eye and fading yellow marks on her cheeks and forehead, indicative of the aftermath of the altercation.

The relationship between mother and son has been further complicated by ongoing legal disputes involving Weston’s estranged wife, Hila Arounian. Both Christina and Weston are engaged in a lawsuit against Hila, alleging embezzlement of $100,000 and the filing of a fraudulent restraining order to bar them from seeing Weston’s twin daughters.

Christina’s lawsuit, filed in November 2023, portrays Hila as emotionally abusive and manipulative, resulting in Weston’s estrangement from his own family. Weston, in his legal assertions, claims that Hila took advantage of him during a vulnerable period of mental health recovery.

Weston and Hila share two daughters, Cyress and Venice, while Weston is also a father to Lucian and Sorin from prior relationships.

In the past Nicolas has gushed about how talented his son is: “He can do things I dream about doing, compose music, sing, act, sculpt and cook and now he is a loving father,” the actor said at the time. To see my son with my grandson is as close to a sense of blissful completion I ever had.”

Weston has also heaped praise upon his dad and says he’s a great father because of him.

“I believe that a lot of the morals and philosophies that I will teach to my son definitely comes from my father,” he told ET. “He was an amazing father to me.” 

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