Will The Monarch And The Royal Family Be Casting Their Vote In The General Election

Will The Monarch And The Royal Family Be Casting Their Vote In The General Election

The general election campaign is in full swing, and across the country, politicians and activists are hitting the streets to secure your vote. Millions of people are expected to turn out on polling day, scheduled for 4 July.

Will King Charles and members of the royal family be among those heading to the polling booth or using a postal vote?

It’s well-known that the monarchy is apolitical. While the King was known for expressing some of his views when he was the Prince of Wales, he has had to maintain neutrality since assuming the throne on 8 September 2022.

However, given that a royal’s signature would not be on the ballot and voting occurs in secret, could this allow him to vote?

Will the King vote in the election?

Although by law, there is nothing barring the monarch from voting in any election, the King will not be casting a vote due to the importance of remaining neutral on political issues. The UK Parliament website reads: “Although not prohibited by law, it is considered unconstitutional for the monarch to vote in an election.”

On the royal family’s official site, His Majesty’s unbiased role in Parliament is explained further. As Head of State, the King is expected to “remain strictly neutral with respect to political matters, unable to vote or stand for election.”

Will Other Royals Vote?

Similarly, to the King, it’s unlikely that you will encounter Prince William or Princess Eugenie at your local polling station, even though there are no restrictions on the rest of the royal family from voting.

Only a select few royals have ever been barred from voting, and this is due to the peerage system. Until 1999, hereditary peers used to sit in the House of Lords, which included the Duke of York, Duke of Edinburgh, Duke of Gloucester, and others.

Although the royals never attended the upper parliamentary house due to their neutrality, British law does prevent members of the House of Lords from voting in general elections. When most hereditary peers were removed from the Lords under Tony Blair’s reforms, the royals relinquished their seats.

In 2020, during the US presidential election, Prince Harry spoke about not voting, sharing: “This election, I’m not going to be able to vote here in the US. But many of you may not know that I haven’t been able to vote in the UK my entire life. As we approach this November, it’s vital that we reject hate speech, misinformation, and online negativity.”

Harry could potentially vote in the US presidential election

Although the Duke of Sussex has listed the United States as his primary residence, it’s unclear whether he has applied to become a US citizen. If the royal does become a US citizen, then he would be eligible to vote in a United States election.

What Role Will the King Play in the Election?

While the King himself will not participate in the election by voting, he does hold significant ceremonial and formal roles in relation to the UK government and the election process. The day following an election, Charles will extend an invitation to the leader of the party with the most seats to form a government, either from their own party or as part of a coalition.

The royal family’s official website explains: “The formal phrase ‘King in Parliament’ is used to describe the British legislature, which consists of the Sovereign, the House of Lords and the House of Commons. The King’s duties include opening each new session of Parliament, granting Royal Assent to legislation, and approving Orders and Proclamations through the Privy Council.”

It goes on to say that the King has a special relationship with the Prime Minister, and has the “right to appoint and also meet with him or her on a regular basis”. The explanation concludes: “In addition to playing a specific role in the UK Parliament based in London, the King has formal roles with relation to the devolved assemblies of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.”

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